{Weekend of Senior Shoots}

So I back in the Lou after spending about a week in Kirksville doing what felt like a bunch of Senior Shoots.  Out of the 7 shoot’s I did while I was there, 4 of them were Seniors.  I guess it’s that time of year :-)   Speaking of Senior pictures, let’s talk about trends in Senior pictures lately.   I’m HORRIBLE with “the serious look.”   I never tell a client to do the serious unless they’ve told me they want to.   I can’t keep a serious face, so I don’t expect them to :-)   The one’s who have a hard time with it are my favorite, hahaha!  Sometimes they have to look away for a few moments and then BAM….serious face right into the camera.  Sometimes it ends up being such a “I’m crazy” face vs. a “I’m serious’ face and that’s when I can’t handle it.  I bust out laughing, they bust out laughing, the parents bust out laughing and then the whole serious thing goes to hell in a hand basket :-)    But man oh man did I have some seniors this go around that could do serious looks like no one’s business.   Normally I’m not a huge fan because I just think it’s silly to have people looking angry or sad in flipping senior pictures, but I’m liking what this group of seniors did :-)   But before we get to the seniors, I need to show you who is now officially a big 3 years old!!!!  

Happy Birthday, Benson!!!  You’ve turned into one of the cutest, sweetest little boys I’ve ever known :-)  It’s been so much fun taking pictures of you for the past 3 years!


After Benson’s shoot I met up with the Sampson family.  I found out as soon as we started that it was Chad’s birthday………..I’m sure doing a photo shoot was pretty high up his list of things he wanted to do on his birthday ;-)   Since it was his big day, I planned on making everything as quick and painless as possible, but it turns out I wouldn’t have to put too much work into that.   The Sampson’s are ROCK STARS at photo shoots :-)






The next morning started my crazy weekend of Senior shoots :-)   First up was Jaidan P!  Jaidan’s mom and aunt came along for the shoot and I’m thinking about hiring them for other shoots….if they made me laugh throughout Jaidan’s entire shoot, surely they can make some kiddos laugh!   I love shoots like that :-)    Thank you for being so fun and thank you for running around Truman in your prom dress on the day all the Freshman moved in, ha!




Next up is Gunner W!   I had done pictures for  Gunner’s brother a couple years ago, so I was excited to go back out to their farm and do Gunner’s.  He didn’t want to do the same thing as his brother, so he had some other spots in mind and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way they turned!!   Gunner did great and we were finished with his pictures in no time :-)  I always try to keep moving along during photo shoots, but I try really hard during senior boy shoots because I know that they find the whole process actually physically painful, ha :-)   I don’t know if Gunner thought it was painful or not, but he sure didn’t show it!





I ended up having to reschedule my Sunday morning shoot, so I actually got a chance to get some work in before I met up with the Schillings for Keaira’s senior pictures.   Keaira’s mom, Michelle, run’s A+ Cleaning and a couple times a month they come clean at my parents house.  It’s so funny, because I swear EVERY Tuesday that I’m at home,  is usually a Tuesday that she’s there cleaning and I am ALWAYS working a sneak peek.   You should know that when I’m working really hard to get a sneak peek up, I typically get up in the morning and just start working.  Which means I’m in my pajamas till the afternoon sometimes, ha!   I always joke that Michelle has got to think I’m the laziest person ever because I’m always working on sneak peeks when she’s around :-)    But that allowed us time to chit chat about Keaira’s pictures!   I had been told that Keaira practiced some of her poses beforehand, so I was excited to see what she busted out.  Normally, I have to tell clients when to do a serious face, but it was the opposite with Keaira, ha!  She had her serious model look DOWN TO A SCIENCE!   It ended up working out pretty darn awesome in her Softball pictures :-)









Last but not least, we have Miss Ellie B.    Ellie, my niece, was super excited when she found I did pictures for another girl named Ellie, ha!    Ellie’s shoot was a perfect example of my theory that sometimes just going with the flow during a photo shoot and doing what comes to you in the moment makes for gorgeous pictures.  I try to plan out my shoot’s a bit, but I try and keep a mid ground on it and don’t over plan them so there is no wiggle room.  Obviously if it’s one that requires a lot of planning, then that’s a different story, but sometimes it’s a good idea not to have a ton of time to dwell on it.  Sometimes it doesn’t work if you think about it too much :-)   I think that’s part of being a photographer…being able to make something beautiful out of anything that’s tossed out in front of you without having prior knowledge of it.  So Ellie & her mom had a pretty busy weekend, I had  pretty busy weekend and when Monday afternoon rolled around, I decided to call Susan and see where they were wanting to start Ellie’s pictures.  They had already had some spots they wanted to use, so I figured we would start with one of those.  I met them at their house, picked out a cute chair to use as a prop for the shoot, drove to the first location, looked at the outfits and started pairing them up with locations.  Ellie changed into her first outfit and the rest was history!  To top it off, the people that own the house we were using had an AWESOME blue, vintage car that just so happened to match Ellie’s eyes and a cute white dress she had.  Gorgeousness all around :-)






I swear I’m doing the New York post on Friday!!!   It’s not that i don’t want to do it, I just want to be able sit and write about…..and it’s 1:30 in the morning and this blog post is already huge :-)

Good Night!!!!


  1. Sara S. says:

    These are amazing senior pics and Benson is a doll as always! Love all the different personalities you captured and your right…the one with the old car is perfect!

  2. Sara S. says:

    The pictures of the Sampson family are also very cute! I’m sure their little girl will be well protected!

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