{I know it’s coming and I know I’m not going to be ready}

Ok- so…..both Kaitlin & Amanda are due or scheduled to be induced in less than a month.  People, for me…..weeks go by like days.  3 weeks can go by and it will only feel like 2 days to me.   So yeah, Nov. 1st (Kaitlin’s due date) is a little over 3 weeks away, BUT she could go a week early and I could only have 2 weeks before Early Baby Fest 2012 beings.  Do I need to remind anyone about Early Baby Fest 2010??   Then we’ll get like 3 days and Amanda will have Preston & Grayson.  Then I’ll race down there and do pictures/help out.  Then Thanskgiving will be here and that’s actually when Amanda and all her kids (including new babies) will be coming back to Kirksville till Christmas.  It will just be easier than my parents and myself taking turns flying down there to help out.  They’re coming back for Christmas anyway, it’s an “on” year for christmas (all 33 people will be home), so my mom will need to be in Kirksville to get ready for that and it will be easier for me to get to and from St. Louis and Kirksville vs. Dallas to St. Louis. So, she’s coming home so we can help here and so we can still get things done.  No worries, Todd’s flying in every weekend to hang out :-)    During all that craziness, Miles & Bennett will turning ONE!!!!!  How the heck did that happen?????  and Caroline & Jared will be celebrating their 1st anniversary :-)  Then we’re into January and it’s my down time (yeahhhhhhhhhh).   

So basically, what I’m saying is that life is about to get really crazy busy and January is just around the corner.   Anyone else see it that way???  Just me??? :-)   Ok, let’s move on to this actual blog post.

Let’s just jump right in, shall we :-)   Some of these went on facebook the other night and some haven’t.  I went to KC the other weekend and the only pictures I took were these quick ones of Miss Briley Mae….to be quite honest, it was nice.  NOT saying it’s a hassle to take pictures, just saying it was nice not to haul that huge, heavy camera around.  But as usual, I saw all sorts of cute little moments I wanted to take pictures of and couldn’t because I didn’t have my camera….lesson learned :-)   Anyway-since I had all this free time,  Autumn and I were working on transferring and ordering pictures that she wanted to put up on the walls and order for Christmas gifts, but we didn’t really have any  recent ones of Briley wearing something “picture worthy.”   Briley would prefer to wear jeans and a super hero shirt  e v e r y d a y, so any pictures I have of her weren’t making the cut :-)   So I had Autumn run upstairs and just throw something together.  We based the outfit off her cute Navy and Red rain boots and went from there!  It was all stuff she already had in her closet and Autumn put it together in no more than 10 minutes…just even more proof that you don’t need to go out and buy a new outfit for pictures, sometimes you can work with what you’ve got :-)   I should say that Briley does get some pretty cute clothes compliments of her grandmas, so that helps out quite a bit.  If you have a closet full of every day clothes with tinker bell’s,  glitter and peace signs plastered all over it….then yeah, you might need to go shopping :-)   So we ran out to my trusty spot at Andy & Autumns house, under the willow tree (the lighting is dreamy)  and literally spent not even 5 minutes taking pictures.   Briley did what I asked and we just moved right along and got one of my favorite pictures of  Briley ever.  The last picture I took of her (again, under that awesome willow tree) is still my absolute favorite

 She has such a baby look to her in these that I didn’t see then.  Makes me kinda sad :-(

But these are a close runner up :-)  2 years later and she’s still just as cute!  Love my Briley :-)



So after my weekend in KC, I went back to Kirksville for a week to do a boat load of shoots.   That week also included the Farwell family pictures and some 9 month pictures for Miles & Bennett,  a.k.a. Lincoln’s Boys, ha!   Lincoln refers to them as “his boys” and he refers to his dad as “his cowboy”…how stinkin cute is he?!??!   Miles & Bennett’s pictures were taken throughout the week, when I had a free moment that matched up with one of Allison’s very rare free moments.





They were pretty funny when we were trying to do the picture with their little red baseball caps on.  Even though their only 9 months (almost 10 now), they can be totally stinkers!!!!  They’re already ornery :-)   I love that this milestone of pictures shows their little mischievous grins every now and then!



Kaitlin & Zane ended up coming into town that weekend and it also just happened to be about the time they got their “kid leash” in the mail, so Kaitlin decided that the Saturday YMCA soccer games would be the perfect place to try it out.  We are TOTALLY NOT a “kid leash” type of family and we often giggle when we see them, but Kaitlin was desperate to have something for Owen.  She’s 8 months pregnant and she has a CRAZY 18 month old who LOVES LOVES LOVES to run away from his mom as fast as he can because he thinks it’s a fun game :-)   I know 18 month olds are busy and have places to go, but this kid is the BUSIEST 18 month old I’ve ever seen.  He does  NOT stop moving.   Even his hands are always wiggling.   Plus he’s the size of a solid 3 year old, so he’s kinda heavy.   So…in order to avoid going into labor early, she opted for a kid leash!   It didn’t really go smoothly :-)  At first, he thought it was totally funny and laughed when he would try and run onto the fields and then get suddenly stopped.

 Then Alex walked by and was pretty intrigued


So we let him “walk” owen, but after a while it turned into a game of yanking Owen back, so we had to cut Alex off :-)

I walked around with him for a bit, just to see if I could get him used to it, but I felt like an idiot and just wanted to wear a sign that said “This is not my kid and I usually don’t agree with the kid leash thing, but his mom is 8 months pregnant and can’t chase him!”   But eventually he just got annoyed with it and started crying and it made me sad, so off the leash went!   Hopefully he’ll get used to it at some point :-)   BTW- I also got this cute little moment and I love it!

I also got some quick pictures of Owen!  Don’t know how we did it, but we did :-)  I’ve learned that if you give kids something that is their size to sit on or hold onto, they will kind of linger in that general area long enough for you to get a few pics before you move onto the next spot.   NOT that I mind chasing them,  I just feel like you get a more “usable” picture if I take that approach.  After we do the “stay here and smile pictures”,  I let them run around and I chase them and see what pictures I can get out of that :-)   Sometimes they won’t do the “sit here and smile” set up at all and I chase them the whole shoot, sometimes they sit there and smile the whole time…..you just never know what you’re going to get :-)   ANYWAY- for some reason, Owen sat there and let me take pictures.  I was shocked, but I went with it!




 So on that Saturday, I also did some senior pictures for Jared Z.  Senior guys are never really excited about senior pictures, but they do  it and I try to get them over with as soon as possible :-)   Jared did great and just did whatever his mom and myself said, ha!







Later that evening is when we did the Farwell family pictures…..out in the middle of no where!   Ali has had the clothes picked out since like March.  She bought everything when it was on clearance from this past winter, once again, proof that you don’t have to spend a fortune on picture outfits….plan ahead!   We knew we wanted to do the bridge with a couch, so as soon as I got my claw foot couch…..we were good to go!!!!   Luckily the kids were all amazing and we were done with the actual pictures in about 45 minutes.  It took us longer to get there and back than it did to take the actual pictures!



The next day was a whirlwind of shoots, packing up my week’s worth of travel stuff and getting ready to head back to St. Louis after I finished my shoot’s.  First up was Mr. Oliver, who was SO SO SO cute!!!!!   I adore his hair, his eyes, his little grin….pretty much everything, but that hair….it’s precious :-)


 He loves his dog!  LOVES him :-)

They have trained Homing Pigeons that they get hired to release at different events and what not, so they brought them along for Oliver’s shoot!   His mom hates it when he touches the birds because of whatever yuckiness could be on them, so when his dad put them in front of him and let him go to town….it was HYSTERICAL!!!  He was giddy over getting to touch these birds.  I couldn’t stop laughing :-)


His mom and dad teach and coach just about every sport over at the highschool, so of course we had to include some pictures of him in his ADORABLE football jacket :-)




He was pretty much done with us by the time we got to the cupcakes (they usually are), but I can usually count on the cupcakes to make them happy for another 10-15 minutes….and this was very true for Oliver :-)



 Then we cleaned him off and let him play with/pop all the balloons :-)

Next up was the Wiedeman family!   Mandy is perhaps one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met :-)   As is the rest of her family.  I’ve take pictures of Clara & Kai a couple times and they always make me laugh :-)  Kai is totally talkitive, silly and all over the place, but Clara is a little more shy, quite and loves to mess with me and not show her teeth when she smiles :-)   But I totally got her to do it several times during this past shoot!    As much as I want her to show her teeth….I LOVE this first one of her just on the verge of showing her teeth, but fighting it so hard….all while trying not to laugh.  Love it ;-)








Next up is the Labeth family!!!!   The only request Tiffany had was that we get some pictures of the kids having one of their dance parties.  I was 100% on board :-)  We stopped on Big Loop Rd out at the lake to get some quick ones in the middle of the road and on the trail.  They got a GORGEOUS evening and the tree’s had just started to turn, so it ended up being pretty darn perfect :-)   Grandma came along to help out and she came along with….money as bribery, ha!  Forget candy, these kids are serious.  I forget how much they each ended up with in the end, but it was pretty funny to hear her in the background saying, “Gracie, there’s another dollar here for you if you give me one more good smile!”


 I love that Ty is mid-air jump in this picture :-)



I was taking pictures of them all lined up and then real quickly I said, “annnndddd everyone give Ty kisses!!!”  Gracie looked at me like”no way”, but Addie jumped right in.  I’m kinda happy I didn’t catch Gracie kissing him because I LOVE her smile here :-)

 Addie RULED this dance party.  I love this first one because it’s like she’ directing them :-)

 Sometimes you gotta have a little encouragement  from dad to be silly and dance :-)






The last shoot for that evening was the Showers boys.  Two of my favorite boys :-)   I can’t even explain Ryan, you just have to meet him and talk to him.  Sweetest, cutest kid ever.  At one point during his shoot I asked him to do something and he was like, “I can’t right now because I’m trying to get this rock, but I will in just a minute.”  SERIOUSLY???  Then I asked him to do something else and he busted out a, “sure yeah, I can do that no problem.”   He’s like 5 going 30.   Lucas just makes me laugh because he’s a total stinker and kind of the opposite of Ryan.  Like ornery….and i love it :-)  The grins he gives and the fact that he jumped in to the lake are 100% him






So after that shoot I ran home, ate dinner, packed up and hit the road around 8:00.  My parents hate it when I do this, but I’m actually totally fine with driving at night.  I don’t mind getting home late because all I do his haul all my stuff inside and go to bed.   I don’t have to unload a bunch of kids (although the amount of stuff I have to unload is about equal if not more), get them ready for bed, start laundry, get clothes and stuff ready for the next day, etc.   If I had all that, then yes….leaving Kirksville at 8:00 PM might not be the best, but when it’s just me….it’s totally fine.   But here’s the thing, I had a newborn shoot the next day so I didn’t just go to bed, I had to get all that ready.  We all know how obsessed I am with my newborn shoots, so it ended up being a 2:00 AM kind of night :-)   The next day I got to go hang out with this girl, Baby Aleah, who was a total rock star baby for her photo shoot!!!    Her mom his a huge tom boy (I did not know this and showed up with ruffles, bows and pink, ha!) and they are convinced Miss Aleah will be on as well.  So as we went along, I was trying to “tone down” my girl pictures I planned…….BUT, as I had her all set up and ready for one picture, Sara busted out, “she would look so cute with some pearls in this picture!”   SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!   First off all, it made me smile so big when I heard Tom Boy Sara say that and second of all, you picked the right photographer because I just so happen to be wearing some.  Love it :-)
















SUPER CUTE side story about this little bunny hat.   This is going to melt your hear.   Whenever Sara’s dad heard that she was having a baby girl, he decided he wanted to make her something.  Not even kidding, he went and signed up for a knitting class so that he could knit her this cute bunny hat.  I should also add in that Sara said her dad is a big, hunting, fishing, tough guy kind of dad…but is also a just a big teddy bear :-)    How stinking sweet is that?!?!!  Weeks of knitting classes so he could make his 1st granddaughter a bunny  hat :-)

Next up is Miss Chloe!   From what I hear, Chloe is a SUPER happy and smiley baby……but much to her mom and grandma’s dismay, sheleft all her smiles at home, hahahah!   This happens every now and then, but she was totally cracking me up.  Like not budging AT ALL.  I was not funny, her grandma was not funny and her mom was not funny.  She wasn’t mad or anything, just not amused.   We did manage to get a FEW smirks (not big giant smiles) at the end, but I know it wasn’t what her mommy was wanting.  So we decided she was just having an off day and we would give it another go on a different day :-)


 She did love the purple flowers I kept giving her, but they weren’t funny either :-)



So even though I wasn’t funny to her on that particular day, she’s still pretty darn sweet :-)  and those EYES??!?!  I wanted her to give me the biggest smile ever because those eyes were just meant to go with big smiles :-)

Then on Saturday morning, before I shot a wedding, I met up with Mr. Rohan.   Rohan’s mom and my sister Sara are best friends and I know Priyal misses having them around St. Louis as much as I do, so we spent most of the session talking about when the Sedlaks were going to be back in St. Louis, ha!   But we also spent a lot of time making Rohan do funny things :-)  Picking up pumpkins that are way too heavy for him, giving a thumbs-up (he call’s it “big thumbs”) and crossing his leg over like an old man.  I don’t know about Rohan, but we all found it very entertaining.





And that’s what I’ve got for today!  Not I’m off to return lots of emails from the weekend, upload lots of galleries and maybe get some stuff ready for Early Baby Fest 2012 :-)




  1. Heather says:

    OMG…that picture of that dog and that baby girl is killing my uterus.

  2. Carol says:

    Lissy, Oh my, I can’t say enough about how very wonderful and beautiful these pictures were, some were just breath taking, and Oh My the Early house, is simply going to be wild, and exciting and exhausting at the same time, totally wild, Terry just said how many grandkids are they going to have now, your Mom and Dad love, this, but but it will be full of memories, so crazy for days and days. I love your pictures, and those Farwell twins just look a tab bit mischiveous, jackson has gotten so tall, all so darn cute. so enjoy your wild next 2 months, just keep us posted.
    Aunt Carol

  3. Mom says:

    Well, undoubtedly, one of my favorite blog post!! So, many of my heart’s favorite people. MIles & Bennett, make me smile everyday – too, too sweet. Love the Farwell’s family picture, a sweet, happy moment in their crazy happy life “captured” – job well done, Lissy!! Just looking at Owen’s leash pictures made me laugh out loud – he was ready to explore this amazing place, filled with running kids and balls – had no idea why he kept ending up on his bottom :) His other “just hanging out in the back yard” photos are perfect. Great family pictures – love their smiles, great senior photos – adorable blue eyed little girl – would love to see the big smile.
    The LaBeths – I love watching these little ones grow up and the dancing photos are perfect – Addie’s charm steals the show :) Ryan and his little brother always tug at my heart strings – Lissy has so many little ones that she would love to add to her long list of nieces & nephews but Ryan would be at the top of the list :-) The pictures of Rohan make me realize how much I would love to see his Mommy walk through our front door and sit down and visit for a while…miss your smile Priyal! I have to say though, that my favorite part of the this post was the bunny hat that the grandpa made for his new little granddaughter – priceless!!

  4. Mom says:

    Ooooops…..forgot Oliver’s first birthday pictures – SUPER CUTE – and my favorite of all – Ellie leaning on Papa….hope she knows she can always lean on Papa!!!!!

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