{Valentine's Day Mini Sessions | Kirksville}

***UPDATE #2-  I just added images for the boys set up below as well as a few more for the girls set up!    Bright & Macy Cleaver were my test models and their mom has decided to surprise their dad with these pictures, so if you work with Jonathan Cleaver or see him…..dont’ say anything :-)  I’m pretty sure he doesn’t check my blog, but we just want to be on the safe side.  Session spots are filling up FAST so email me if you’re interested***

**UPDATE- I should probably have been more specific on a location.  These sessions will take place in my “studio” in Kirksville….a.k.a. the top floor of my awesome brother-in-law’s law office.**

I’m SO SO SO excited for this!!!!!  I’ve been working on these sets and ideas for awhile now, so I’m excited to start getting some pictures with them.  After doing some practice pictures today, there are a couple things I need to fix (such as the 2×4′s on the old door ,ha!) but for the most part, it’s ready to go!   I have 2 sets for this years sessions.  The first is a vintage, romantic, girly set up with a lot of white, light pink, silver, glitter, feathers and shimmery balloons :-)  The second set is more “boy” orientated and will be introduced tomorrow.  I used my niece Ellie today to get some promotional shots of the “girly” set, but my boy model wasn’t available until tomorrow, so the peek into the “boy” set will be shown tomorrow. …but I did have Ellie jump in one picture so I could give you a TINY peek as to what it looks like.  I didn’t want to do too many because her outfit doesn’t match my “boy” set-up. 

Clothing style will be big with these sessions.  After you see the “girl” set-up, you’ll see what colors/style you should wear.  I would suggest light, fluffy, light pink, silver/grey, etc.  More vintage like :-)   As for the “boy” set-up, you’ll have more of an idea on what your child should wear after you see that set-up tomorrow. 

So here we go!!!! 

Sessions will be held on Saturday January 28th and Sunday January 29th.   Sessions will be held from 10AM to 4:00 PM.  Appointments will happen in 15 minute increments and there will be 3 sessions per an hour.  The cost is $35 for15 minutes and you get a  CD with 8 images ready for pick up the Tuesday after pictures.   If you know my normal turn-around-time….you know that having them ready by Tuesday is HUGE  :-)   There is a limit of 2 children per session.  Each additional child is $10 and you will receive 3 additional images as well as 5 extra minutes.   Please note that if you’re doing 2 children, your 8 images will be divide into individual shots of each child and a group shot. 

And here is the boy set up!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

and a few more pictures of the girl set-up with a sweet baby girl :-)

Contact me at missprissiness@hotmail.com to set up your sessions.

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