{Tyler & Danielle Madsen…and a contest winner}

Last Saturday I had the privilege of photographing Tyler Madsen & Danielle Noring’s super cute wedding :-)    Poor Tyler and Danielle…..every time I take pictures of them, it’s usually right around 100 degrees out without a cloud in the sky.   They handled it all very well though.   Actually- normally you get all sorts of complaints from the wedding party (like I’m the one who decides the weather) and I totally understand being hot and miserable, but don’t blame the photographer.  This wedding party was totally different.  Did not complain to me once or make me feel like I was taking too long or make me feel bad.   They did everything I asked.   I mean, seriously….everything I asked.  For example, since we were doing pictures in my parents back yard, I thought it could be kinda funny to get a picture of the groomsmen hanging from the Monkey Bars. The groomsmen hesitated a bit , but when I said “okay- who want’s to jump up and sit on this bar?”  I think it was the Best Man that immediately said, “I’d love to!”  and jumped up :-)    It was so stinking hot out, the monkey bars were directly underneath the sun, they were in black tuxes and we probably should have scrapped the idea, but I just wanted to see if it turned out funny (you never know) and they totally went with it.

Before we start this sneak peek, I have to show you this pamphlet they made to go with their programs.  Hopefully you can ready some of it.  It was hysterical!!!  Very creative :-)

Danielle was gorgeous!!!  The room she got ready in had a lime green wall, a bright teal wall, a pin ball machine, a huge cage like structure, Legos everywhere, etc……………. Not your typically “bride getting ready room,” and I knew I had my work cute out for me,  but I made it work and they actually turned out to be some of my favorite “getting ready” pictures.  Funny how that works :-)





Tyler & Danielle had originally wanted to do pictures on Truman campus (they both went there and I think them and the whole wedding party was in some way a part of the Residential Life Staff) but they were concerned about the heat and people not being able to step inside if they get too hot (everything on Campus was closed because school was out), so we just did pictures at my parents house :-)   THANKS MOM & DAD!!!   Tyler & Danielle came over earlier in the week to check it out and as we were walking through everything, I said something like, “Don’t worry, we’ll put all the toys away” and they both immediately were like, “oh no, leave them out, the groomsmen will love it.”   Out of all the people to play with the toys…..look who it was :-)

During The pictures, my mom suggested using my little sister beach cruiser bike in pictures since the colors matched so well.  I thought it was an excellent idea and said “yes!”  My mom is so good :-)






After some carful maneuvering of the bride & groom, we were able to get the groomsmen out of the pool house and get the bridesmaids into the pool house without them seeing each other.  That’s when we attempted the Monkey Bar picture…




 After some separate group pictures and some breaks in the air conditioning, we finally got to do the First Look pictures :-) 









After we finished up at my parents house, we went back to The Crossing Church to get some family pictures and get Danielle hidden away before people started showing up.  Sometimes the Bride can be really nervous just before the ceremony and the bridesmaids are typically trying to keep her calm………this is what was going on back in the Brides room just before the ceremony :-)

I should let you know that the Bridesmaid in the middle, closest to Danielle, had just had her baby girl exactly a week before Danielle’s wedding.  As if that wasn’t enough of  ”you deserve a gold medal” moment, I will tell you that she was also a bridesmaid at the last wedding I shoot about two weeks before!!!!  Remember, THIS wedding??  Um yeah, that was on her exact due date.   When she told me her due date was that day, I had to pick my mouth up off the floor. Later on during the reception, she came over to me and said she didn’t connect the dots earlier, but my dad is actually her doctor!  I said, “well that explains why you’re here then!”  hahhahah!   Typically you’re not supposed to travel and my dad doesn’t encourage it, but he’s also realistic about certain situations.  His response to her asking if she could go was, “well, there are doctors in Washington, MO and you’re also really close to St. Louis if anything happens”    And that’s why I love my dad :-)  He’s so calm and realistic and that’s what makes him such an amazing doctor.   And wouldn’t you know, she made it through the first wedding…made it another week….had baby Cecilia and then put on another Bridesmaids dress a week after that.  Bridesmad of the year!

Finally it was time for the ceremony to start!  Quick prayers were said and it was time to get the show on the road.











 After the ceremony, we headed down Franklin Street for some more pictures :-)


While we were at this loading dock, I walked over to my bag to get something when I hear the groomsmen saying, “you should get a picture of this!”  so I run over to see what it is and Danielle & Tyler are standing on top of the dock, trying to air themselves out :-)

 Danielle had this AWESOME idea to have her and the bridesmaids spell out MADSEN in sign language.  I LOVE IT!

 I love a good Silhouette picture!!

 Off to the Moose for the rest of the night!













Tyler & Danielle, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your special day!  Despite the heat, it was a lot of fun :-)  I hope you guys have a BLAST in Disney World!!!


So if you thoroughly read my blog the other day, then you saw that I quietly ran a contest :-)    I want to point out that I wasn’t trying to be all “boo hoo, why isn’t anyone reading my blog anymore.”  I think that’s the way some people took it.  Totally misunderstood :-)  I was simply trying to get people to subscribe.   With my old blog, people were subscribed and were notified when I updated my blog.  When I re-did my blog this past winter, I went to a totally different web address, which means that ALL of my subscribers from my previous blog got wiped out and I have to start over.  This also means that anyone who had me on their blog rolls (where they link my blog to theirs) no longer updates when I update my blog because it’s a new address and the old one isn’t recognized.   Lots of my blog followers weren’t aware of any of this and only checked my blog when they remembered to do it.  Then add in the fact that I wasn’t updating my blog as much and people just kind of stop checking because they don’t think I update it.

The reason I was so wishy washy about the contest during my last post was because I didn’t want to draw a ton of attention to it.  I wanted to just quietly sneak it into the post and see who and how many people noticed :-)   Turns out I actually still do have a lot of readers, yayyy!  And a lot more subscribers after the contest!

SO….the contest was my first attempt at drawing attention to the fact that you HAVE to actually SUBSCRIBE to my blog to get the update notifications.    The contest has 5 awesome prizes;

1.) A regular Mini Shoot from me.  
2.)This pretty necklace from one of my favorite Etsy shops HERE.  
3.)  A $30 Mpix gift card  
4.)  Your choice of 5 rolls of Washi Tape (LOVE this stuff!) from THIS cute Etsy Shop.   
5.) A 2-hour private Camera class with yours truly :-)   

So what I did was use the trusty Random.org (takes out the guilt because it’s not me drawing the names, it’s awesome!) to pick out 5 names from the list of my current subscribers.  Since there are things like a Private Camera class in there, I decided that the winners should get their choice of a prize because what if you win that Private Camera Class and don’t have a camera??  So the way it’s going to go is the first name I picked get’s 1st choice, 2nd name get’s 2nd choice and so on.  Get it?



#1 Kelly Kirkland

#2 Chelsea Jackson

#3 Ann Smith

#4 Niki Wieman

#5 Brittany Beeler


Congratulations, girls!!!!   I will email you all and we’ll let Kelly Kirkland pick the 1st prize, then Chelsea Jackson with get to pick the 2nd prize, etc.

Next blog post……some sneak peeks for some big family shoots!    Don’t forget to Subscribe!  :-)



  1. Leah says:

    Danielle & Tyler I love your pictures!

  2. Mom says:

    Crazy week….but I love these wedding pictures!!! Beautirul summer day & Bride :)

  3. Sara S. says:

    This looks like such a fun wedding!!!! Beautiful pictures Lissy! Love the silhouette and all of them in the backyard! It is absolutely perfect for wedding photos right now with some amazing hydrangeas!

  4. Allison says:

    Great pictures of a great wedding. Congrats Tyler and Danielle and awesome job Lis! Now it is time for you to come back to Kirksville-it seems like you have been gone forever :-)

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