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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh  look who’s doing ANOTHER blog post!!!!   Yep, I’m getting there :-)    A couple weeks ago I had a client say, “I feel sad when I go to your blog now.  I don’t want to sound like a stalker, but I love reading about your life and it makes me happy and I miss it.  Please blog again.  Please”   and that’s why I’m going to stay on this blogging train.   So my blog stalking clients don’t get sad, ha!

Last week I met up with the Datus family at the sculpture park.  Jenee’s husband, Jeff, was a good husband and purchased a photo shoot for his wife for Mother’s day…a year or so ago, ha!   We FINALLY found a time that worked out for both of us and we were able to meet up and get some quick pictures of the kids and their “activities” and some family pictures.    When they all jumped out of the car, it was like I had known them forever.   I seriously felt like I was just running around the park with some of my nieces and nephews, taking pictures :-)    They were SO excited about pictures!!  They had ideas, they wanted to see the pictures on my camera as soon as I took them, they had stories to tell me, they did anything I asked them to do and they were SO easy to work with.  Such a fun group :-)


Dateus Fam (1) Dateus Fam (2)

Dateus Fam (3)

Dateus Fam (4)

Dateus Fam (5) - Copy

Dateus Fam (6)

Dateus Fam (7)

Dateus Fam (8)

Dateus Fam (9)

Dateus Fam (10) - Copy

Dateus Fam (11)

Dateus Fam (12)

Dateus Fam (13)


This past weekend I met up with the Mitchell girls.  We did THIS creative shoot last year around their birthdays that was super cute and Stephanie wanted to do something again this year!  Of course I was on board and as soon as she sent me her outfits, I knew exactly which props I wanted to use and what park I wanted to shoot at.  I had it all planned out in my head, but for some reason…..that day was somewhat of a disaster.  I left my apartment early so I could go get balloons and flowers, but chatted with the florist at Schnucks for way too long.  So even though I planned on getting there early to have it all set up and ready to go, it did not happen.  I pulled up just as Stephanie pulled up and when she got out of her car, she yelled something like, “we gotta hurry!!  The rain is almost here!!”   so I went into panic mode and just started chucking stuff in my wagon to haul over to our shoot spot.  Normally I have candy, scissors, tape, etc all in my handy prop bag….but the two major things I needed, scissors and tape, were no where to be found!!  I was throwing stuff around  trying to find them, the wind was blowing, the clouds were all over the place (as far as letting in just the right amount of sun to letting in direct sunlight) and I just knew we would be losing the cooperative attitude of the girls with each passing minute.   Had I been there earlier, like I planned, it would have been fine.  I would have just walked back to my car and got everything I needed and finished getting ready.  But this was with Stephanie and the girls standing there, the dark clouds building, the rain threating to unleash and the wind throwing everything around.   I FINALLY got everything to a “this will work” point and we started shooting.  It was nuts because Stephanie was having to go above and beyond to get the girls attention because it took me longer to get ready AND there was a little girl that was just there playing at the park, but was DESPERTALY trying to be a part of our photo shoot, ha!  I have no idea where her mom was, but this little girl was not giving up on sitting on the cute suitcase, getting a balloon and getting some candy :-)   BUT……….once I got home and looked at the pictures, I was in love!   When you look at these pictures, you would never be able to tell the mad chaos that was happening during them :-)   ……and THAT is why I love my job!

Mitchell 2013 (1)

Mitchell 2013 (2)

Mitchell 2013 (3)

Mitchell 2013 (4)

Mitchell 2013 (5)

Mitchell 2013 (8)

Mitchell 2013 (6)

Mitchell 2013 (7)

You know what sucks??  Being in a random parking lot in downtown St. Louis, with two clients that are NOT from St. Louis (they drove in from Fort Leonard Wood), with tornado sirens going off and a loud speaker telling you to seek shelter immediately.   I didn’t want to be dramatic and freak out, but I also didn’t want to not take it seriously and have it end up being a disaster.   My sister had called me to make sure I was in my basement and she was all sorts of happy when I informed that I was actually down by the arch, ha!  Luckily she was able to kinda tell me where the storms were heading and what parts of STL were predicted to really get slammed.  Although it did look EXTREMELY creepy downtown, it seemed as though the tornado producing portion of the storms were more north and west.   I thought I would be okay to at least make it back to my apartment,  but I didn’t want to sound like a weirdo and be like, “Candace & Kendall, go ahead and follow me to my apartment and you can go to my creepy/silence of the lambs style basement with me!”  So I let them decide what they wanted to do; whether it be let’s all just go find shelter somewhere downtown and wait for the storm to pass or follow me to my apartment and get in before the storms get really bad (which they totally were already bad, so that was stupid on my part) or go ahead and get on the road and just take it slow.  They decided that they would go ahead and get on the road and go slow.  It seemed that the storms were going north anyway and they were going to be driving south and west on I-44.  Seemed like an okay idea, so I lead them to I-44 and not even like 5 seconds later….wall cloud, then PITCH BLACK sky and sheets of rain.  Plus people were driving like idiots and going like 100 mph, cutting people off so they could get off at exits.   I kept trying to call Candace  to tell her to just follow me and we would go find somewhere to wait it out, but once I got off at my exit they passed me and she gave me a big, smiley wave, ha!   She eventually called me back and they had decided to pull off and eat some dinner while the storms passed.  The next morning I saw a text from her at close to 1:00 AM saying they finally made it home…..ONE  O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING….and they had left STL at like 8:00.     Now that is one photo shoot that I would call an adventure :-)

Taylor 2013 (1)

Taylor 2013 (2) - Copy

Taylor 2013 (3)

Taylor 2013 (4)

Taylor 2013 (5)

Taylor 2013 (6) - Copy

Taylor 2013 (7)

Do you guys remember Henry???  Well he’s a big 2 year old these days and he has a baby brother on the way :-)  We met up over the weekend to get some quick pictures of him before his life get’s flipped upside down, ha!   He did awesome for his shoot, but he did take like 3 tumbles :-(   He never stayed sad for too long though!

Ellis 2013 (1)

I LOVE that their tongues are hanging out the same way, hahah ;-)

Ellis 2013 (2) - Copy

Ellis 2013 (3)

Ellis 2013 (4) - Copy

Ellis 2013 (5)

Ellis 2013 (6)

Ellis 2013 (7)

I also met up with another cute little family this weekend.   The dad, Rob is actually one of Ryan’s (my brother-in-law) younger brothers.  Their cute little family happens to have a cute little house in Lafayette Square :-)  Those of you that know me well, know that I’m obsessed with Lafayette Square, so I was super excited to see the inside of their house!  It did not disappoint and it was adorable :-)   The welcomed their first baby, Thomas, about 5 months ago and Bella has been talking non-stop about “how cute he its!”   so I was excited to finally meet him :-)   One great thing about their house??  Their “mailbox” that’s attached to their front door!

Sedlak 2013 (1)

Sedlak 2013 (2) - Copy

Sedlak 2013 (3)

Sedlak 2013 (4)

Sedlak 2013 (5)

Sedlak 2013 (6) - Copy

Sedlak 2013 (7)

Sedlak 2013 (8)

Sedlak 2013 (9)

Sedlak 2013 (11)

Sedlak 2013 (10)

Sedlak 2013 (12)

Sedlak 2013 (13) - Copy

My final shoot of the weekend was for my good friend Becky and her fiancé Pat.   I’ve been SO excited for this shoot simply because I knew I would laugh the whole way through it, ha!   Becky is by far one of my funniest friends.  She has never failed to make me laugh till I cry :-)   Her  honest and outgoing personality are what make her so much fun.   One of my favorite memories is of her rapping Will Smith’s Wild Wild West while we were in high school :-)    She was a nervous wreck about their shoot, but I knew it would be fine!   Normally I wouldn’t laugh at a client as much as I did her…..but I can do that with friends :-)

Gall-Hardin (1)

Gall-Hardin (2)

Gall-Hardin (3) - Copy

Gall-Hardin (4) - Copy

Gall-Hardin (5)

Gall-Hardin (6)

Gall-Hardin (7)

Gall-Hardin (8)

Gall-Hardin (9)

Gall-Hardin (10)

Gall-Hardin (11)

Gall-Hardin (12)

Gall-Hardin (13)

Gall-Hardin (14)

Gall-Hardin (15)

Gall-Hardin (16) - Copy

Gall-Hardin (17)


That’s what I have for you for now!  I do have more sneak peeks to come (including my 2 newborn sessions for this week….yayyy!) but that will probably be later this weekend.    Have a good weekend, everyone!


  1. Becky says:

    LISSY!!!!! I love these so much. Somehow you turns our awkwardness into such cuteness!!!! You are the absolute best. We are so lucky to have have you do these pics for us. Makes it extra special that its you. Can’t thank you enough!!

  2. Mom says:

    I agree with your client – I missed your blog….I loved going to your blog each week a finding a story that would make me laugh till I cried and some amazing pictures of adorable little kiddos and families – made my day, week after week!!!!! And once again, you do not disappoint – loved the “life” in the first family, they are enjoying the journey. And the little boy with the big brown eyes, stole my heart!! The pictures at the arch are amazing, what a striking couple…..and Thomas, what can I say but cute, cute, cute – love the rolls :-) But I will have to say I enjoyed Becky’s the most – I could almost hear her giggle!!! You might have felt a little awkward but you looked adorable!!!

  3. Mom says:

    Ooooops, I forgot the absolute cuteness of the little girls in all the bright colors…..the one of the older sister kissing her little sisters hand – a keeper!!!!!

  4. Becky says:

    Thank you :). That’s all because your daughter is a genius!!!

  5. BethanyH says:

    Found your blog through a facebook share and just had to comment. Your pictures are gorgeous! Absolutely stunning!

  6. Betty H says:

    You have absolutely captured why I love my future daughter-in-law, Becky. Look at that smile on Pat’s face and that sparkle in his eye. There is only one reason that is there and it is because he has found the love of his life. All a parent ever wants for their child is for them to be happy. Becky has done that for my son. I will be forever grateful to her. Thank you for capturing this in your wonderful photographs. You are truly an artist!

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