{Tuesday Sneak Peeks!}

On Tuesday I got to shoot two of my favorite types of shoots.  Newborns and Engagements :-)    I started my day off with Baby Henry and his family.   This is a total side not, but I noticed the strangest thing during my past two newborn shoots.  I walked into to do Henry’s shoot and was greeted by Nala, their dog.  She looked almost exactly like Viva (Andy & Autumns dog) and it turns out she was a Golden Doodle as well.  The best part was that she acted like Viva too :-)  So back to my side note….then today, I walked in to do a newborn shoot with Miss Reese (her sneak peek will be in a few days) and I’m greeted by Penny, another Golden Doodle, but this time- the dog looks exactly like Max (Kaitlin & Zane’s dog) .   Is that not crazy??  Two newborn shoots, two Golden Doodles, both look identical to Viva & Max and both have the same personalities as Viva & Max.   I couldn’t get over it :-) 

Henry was fantastic for his shoot!  I really didn’t even have to use the space heater or heating pad very much- the kid was just awesome :-)   Well- and it was like almost 90 degrees, but still….he was good.   Thanks for breezing right through your shoot, Henry.  Enjoy your sneak peek :-)


Next up is Stacey & Kenny.  SUCH a fun couple :-)  They were up for anything and everything I suggested….and we all know I love those couples.   Lindsey Free (my sidekick.  I think I’m just going to keep calling her that, ha!) had this great idea at our last wedding of writing “Happily Ever After” on the ground with chalk and get a picture of the couple walking by it.  We ended up forgetting it at the wedding, so I decided this engagement shoot was our chance.  I changed it a bit and just put, “On Our Way To Happily Ever After” and I think it turned out adorable.  GO LINDSEY- Awesome idea!!!!  See…..we work so well together….we both love chalk :-)   I also did a new idea with them that involved some little, “soon to be his Mrs.” signs and I LOVE them. 

Thanks for being so great, Stacey & Kenny!!!  Congratulations on your engagement and enjoy your sneak peek :-)



Believe it or not, I’m back in Kirksville.  I did a newborn shoot this morning/afternoon in St. Louis and was supposed to do a belly shoot after that, but poor Katie (who is pregnant with twins!!!) got put on bed rest so we had to cancel :-(  The good thing is that it allowed me to get back to Kirksville in time to watch Miss Ellie at her T-Ball game :-) 

More sneak peeks to come tomorrow….hopefully :-)


  1. Lindsay Free says:

    seriously??? “Happily Ever After” turned out SOOOO CUTE!!!! glad that you used the idea! :0) I LOVE the way it turned out.
    and LOVE the “soon to be” signs.

  2. Sara S. says:

    Doesn’t he look handsome in his polkadot bow-tie!!! And Viva’s cousin looks very striking also! Adorable couple and very fun pics. If anyone needs a present for me I would love to have Stacey’s dress. Not that I have anywhere to wear it but I love it!

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