{The start of my addiction to Frozen Caramel}

Was that not a pretty display of snow today????   Nothing too heavy that accumulated much, just big, giant, fluffy snowflakes.  I had no idea it was even supposed to snow, so it was like Christmas for me when I noticed it :-)   Today also just so happened to be the day I picked to get the oil changed on my car.  Next oil change, I need to be sure to check the temperature beforehand.   I use a place that’s just outside of my neighborhood and it works out awesome because I can drop my car and walk back to my apartment.   I usually love it, but when I was walking back to my apartment this time,  I realized that it was 13 degree’s out and that is why it was not so awesome this go around.   Lesson learned :-)

This past weekend I got to meet Baby Madelyn and get addicted to Panera’s Frozen Caramel drink.  Thank you very much for that one, Julie.   They insisted on getting me lunch while I was there doing the shoot (thank you, you guys are too sweet!) and then insisted I also get this Frozen Caramel drink.  Normally I’m never a fan of anything involving coffee.  Even the super sweet, chocolate ice cream type of treats.  If it has even a smidge of coffee, I can taste it and I don’t want it.   Apparently this Frozen Caramel is the exception….because I’ve had 2 since then.   Awesome.   I’m actually going back to Kirksville tomorrow (a.k.a- the place with no Panera) and I’m hoping it will break my addiction.

SO ANYWAY- Madelyn was like a photographers dream.  Slept the entire time.  Like just full on, zonked out pretty much the whole time.  She even let us try and squeeze (and I mean squeeze) her into a cowboy boot to achieve THIS pinterest idea that Julie loved.   We did succeed in getting her into the boot, but not in making it stay up and not in making it look normal.   I’ve decided that the cowboy boots in that picture are made for very oversized calves and that baby is a preemie.    Eh, we tried :-)

First up, we attempted some family pictures and sibling pictures.  Sibling pictures are always the trickiest, even more so when the older sibling isn’t even 3 :-)   Julie wanted to get a picture of them in their Valentine’s Day outfits, but I don’t think I did them justice for how cute they are.  Unfortunately, newborns don’t lay out flat so you can see the whole outfit :-)    If you want to see how cute the outfits really are, head on over to Little Roo Designs on facebook!

Jan. 21 Sneak Peeks (21)


On to family pictures, woo hoo!!!!   Such a cute little family :-)

Jan. 21 Sneak Peeks (20)

Jan. 21 Sneak Peeks (19)

Jan. 21 Sneak Peeks (18)

Then we moved onto just Madelyn and she rocked it :-)   Thank you for being such a perfect angel for your shoot and letting us put you into a cowboy boot!  Can’t wait to watch you grow :-)

Jan. 21 Sneak Peeks (17)

Jan. 21 Sneak Peeks (16)

Jan. 21 Sneak Peeks (15)

Jan. 21 Sneak Peeks (14)

Jan. 21 Sneak Peeks (13)

Jan. 21 Sneak Peeks (12)

Jan. 21 Sneak Peeks (11)

Jan. 21 Sneak Peeks (10)

Jan. 21 Sneak Peeks (9)

Jan. 21 Sneak Peeks (8)

Jan. 21 Sneak Peeks (7)

Yesterday I got to meet up with Nolan and his little brother Griffin!   You would think St. Louis would be FULL of awesome indoor photo shoot locations, but in all actuality  it’s not.  Some places would be perfect, but they don’t care to have people running around taking pictures.  There are lots of other places that would be great,  but I don’t think they would be too crazy about the noises or things we have to do to get a kid to smile or look at the camera.  Some places aren’t open on certain days.  Some places only have good indoor light if it’s it’s bright and sunny out.  Some places want to charge you $200.  Some places are too crowded.  etc, etc, etc.  So yes, there are places, but few that ACTUALLY work well when all is said and done.

I’ve used Union Station downtown before and I LOVE it, but it’s actually kind of hard to get people to go all the way down there for some reason.  So when I suggested it to Jenna and she was all about it, I was super excited :-)   Actually- I suggested either there or the Jewel Box and I was kind of excited that she picked Union Station because I figured it was less of a chance of my car getting broken into again…………….HOW SAD IS THAT????   I can happily report that my car did not get broken into while I was at Union Station :-)

Nolan and Griffin were awesome!!!  I think Nolan and I could have chatted all day, good Lord kids just make me laugh :-)  Griffin even warmed up to me after a bit and was yelling at me in his own baby language.    I love that language :-)

Jan. 21 Sneak Peeks (6)

Jan. 21 Sneak Peeks (5)

Jan. 21 Sneak Peeks (4)

Jan. 21 Sneak Peeks (3)

Jan. 21 Sneak Peeks (2)

Jan. 21 Sneak Peeks (1)


Tomorrow I head back to Kirksville to do a few shoots and just because I haven’t been back in 3 weeks!!!!  That’s unheard of people.   From what I hear, BOTH Miles & Bennett are walking these days and as their favorite aunt,  I just can’t miss stuff like that.     I also need to have a chat with Lincoln because apparently he has decided he want’s to be the President.  He really think’s the President Lincoln that everyone talks about his him :-)  I guess Molly took some campaign pictures for him the other night while they were all over at my parents house………



We all think he should dress up as President Lincoln next year for Halloween :-)  Obviously we’ll need to do something about the red hair.

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  1. Sara S says:

    Love little Miss Madelyn’s pictures and I can tell Jack is a great big brother! Little Roo made some adorable valentines day gear! Love all the gree in union station for the two handsome boys!

  2. Brenda says:

    The pictures of baby Madelyn are adorable. What a cooperative baby. I noticed the date on the balloon was 10-13-13. Should it be 01-13-13? Just thought you might want to correct it before printing.

    Love your work. Tell your mom hi!


  3. Mom says:

    These are super sweet !! Madelyn was your dream client, perfect shoot and I love the little boys with the green – I’m not even a big “green” fan and these are gorgeous!! I will not try a frozen carmel drink from Panera, I will not try a frozen carmel drink from Panera, I will not…..!!!! So, would you like to join us for a sleep over in the White House ?Because we’re going tomorrow or “next day” with President Lincoln Farwell ;-) ;-)

  4. Kathy says:

    All adorable pictures of adorable kiddos! You’ve done it again. I can’t wait for our next newborn shoot coming this summer! Too excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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