{The long awaited Disney Post}

Alright, alright….here it is.  Now everyone can stop bugging me about it :-)  Seriously- you might want to grab some wine (maybe a whole bottle) and some chocolate because this post is FULL of pictures and you’ll probably be sitting here for like 2 hours.  Like so full that wordpress will probably freak out again and not let me post them all at once.  We shall see, keep your fingers crossed. 

You ready???

So once the circus stepped off the flight in Atlanta- we spread like wildfire.  The boys went to check in for our Magic Express bus ride to the Boardwalk (our resort) and the girls went in search of food and bathrooms.  Girls are good at finding bathrooms and food :-) 

Please note the girls on the poles. I think we're all in for it. Every pole they saw- they danced on. Ellie could even swing down the pole- she was so proud :-)

Everyone was so excited for the bus trip! Ryan got to test out his new sunglasses. He thought they did a good job of making his head look smaller :-)

Briley was SO cute the whole trip. She kept us all laughing. Apparently when they got to the airport that morning, she put on her Goofy Hat (which was actually Andy's when he was little, awwww) and said "Goofy's ready to go!" Apparently she loves that hat and wanted to wear it- not convincing needed from her parents :-) Here and Bella were very entertaining on the bus. They laughed, jumped, smiled, sang and talked the whole bus ride.

Carolina and I got to snuggle on the bus ride :-) I have no idea why I made that face

awwwww such a handsome little guy :-) Molly was sweet enough to let Carolina snuggle with Lamby

Um.....Molly brought a coloring book with her as travel entertainment....she's 19

This is what it looks like when 26 people get off a bus

 Then we got all settled in our “Villa’s” and headed off to Magic Kingdom!  We took every possible opportunity to dress Owen up like the Hangover baby :-)



unfortunately the buses were off on their timing and we had to wait 45 MINUTES for a Magic Kingdom one to show up. We lost some babies during the wait :-)

 Then we finally made it to Magic Kingdom!  They were all so cute to watch.  Some of their mouth’s dropped open, some of them got big smiles on their faces, some of them started jumping and some of them had not reaction at all, ha!

The early flight caught up to Ellie pretty quickly on the first day :-) Jackson enjoyed how close he could get to all the ducks, squirrels, etc.

Oh my gosh the Bobziens babies went NUTS over Pooh. Look at Colton's smile!!! I love that picture of Caroline & Carolina, I couldn't leave it out :-)

Carolina couldn't keep her hands off the fuzzy characters. All she wanted to do was snuggle :-) She needs to go to some sort of support group for snuggle addicts.

Zane, here is that picture you requested with Pooh. I love how Andy & Briley are both smiling the same way :-) He's such a kid at heart!


Look at Colton & Carolina....is that not hysterical??? They LOVED the characters. It was so funny to watch

We had to work really hard to get Carolina to release her grip on Piglet. I think she would have been perfectly fine had Piglet carried her around the whole vacation :-)

We liked to race the double strollers every now and then :-)

The one and only night we had a bus to ourselves. Our first night :-)

I see two people that are VERY excited for Animal Kingdom at 7:00 AM :-)

Such little cuties :-)

I think I saw some of these out on Andrew's ranch the other day :-)

awwww- they're so cute :-)

still cute :-)

The Sedlaks & The Early's did a lot of running to the bathrooms and running back so they didn't miss a ride. Oh the joy's of potty training! Apparently Ryan watched Duck Tails all the time when he was little, so of course we had to stop at every Duck Tails statue and take a picture :-)

Lincoln LOVED the Lion King show. Ummmmm.....remember that pole obsession I was telling you about earlier??? Do you see Bella??

Just waiting for the bus to take us back for afternoon naps. Isn't he the cutest? :-)

Love my Brady Boy :-)

We enjoyed our pool side time in the afternoons

after afternoon pool time and naps- we were off to Hollywood Studios (used to be MGM)

Dad with the Kermit tile! Carson let me take a picture every now and then :-)

So there is a story behind this picture..... this was at one of the restaurants in Hollywood studios, I forget what it's called. They try and make it very "home" like and the waitresses are usually pretty grouchy (of course they're acting), they make you eat all your food, they usually have someone playing "the little sister" who runs around and causes trouble, etc. So.....Andy didn't eat his vegetables, so our waitress made this huge deal of it and made him do the whole airplane thing while she shoved a fork full of vegetables in his mouth. RIght after that- she was taking our dessert orders and cleaning up our plates. As she was walking away, Ryan uncovered MY PLATE (which I had hid my mushrooms) and said, "Um- she didn't her vegetables!" trying to be a brat. The waitress didn't even hesitate and just said, "Stop be a tattle tail!!" ahahahah!!!!! This picture was seriously like 1 second after he said it and she walked away :-)

Playing with Papa while we were in line for Toy Story :-)

Who could ever fall asleep like this?? Doesn't he look like he's thinking really hard?? :-)

At first, we had some grumpy princesses...............

But that didn't last long and soon enough they were all smiles again :-)

Of course Briley gave me a run for my money on the whole smile thing

But she just couldn't hold it in....her smile snuck out :-)

Kaitlin brought her Prince!

Holy crap!! It's really her, it's really Cinderella!!! They were all so cute when they saw her :-)

The princesses got all situated in their seats and our rat race of a character lunch began! It's was eat a bite, her comes a princess, pictures, pictures, pictures, attempt to eat a bite but another princess comes along, pictures, pictures, pictures, eat a bite before they take away your food, another princess, etc.

First up, Snow White!! Not going to lie- her voice was ANNOYING. I think she over did it a bit :-)

Then Belle came out and Ellie & Bella were in heaven :-)

That night we were off to Epcot!  We didn’t do so hot on sticking to our plan that night- so we didn’t get to do the rides we wanted to do, but all the Finding Nemo stuff was open and the kids LOVED it!


Briley was ready to go the next morning (ear's and all), but Carson require a bit more time and some coffee :-)

Brady started walking just before the trip- so of course that's all he wanted to do the whole time. Sitting in a stroller??? I don't think so :-) Yes- you aren't seeing things....Molly and Jackson really have the same shirt....

How cute is her little smile?? So excited for the park to open :-) Caroline and I got to hang out for a bit while all the little families went off and did their own thing for one morning. For some reason we were the only two left after everyone parted ways, so we just decided to hang out around the castle :-)

Yayyyy, tea cups!

Jackson just had to ride by himself :-)

Angry Birds was a common form of entertainment while waiting

Everyone is always exhausted on the afternoon bus trips home

Andrew took this one and for some reason I love it. Good job, Andrew :-)

minus Briley & Baylor, they were MIA

This was just after Lincoln made what he thought was a successful attempt at jumping over Colton's legs. Obviously he wasn't as successful as he thought :-)

Carolina attempted to get up and walk away.........

But then Colton fell over and knocked her down............

Then she lost her balance and fell backwards

Then they both got up, flipped me the bird and told me to leave them alone :-)

Brady, on the other hand, was busy making friends :-)

The next day we were off to Epcot again

How cute!

Then we headed back for some swimming and some…………French Onion Dip???

Such a ham!

Briley's always loving on all the babies :-)

Every day at the pool, they had some sort of contest for the kids that revolved around Disney trivia. Well, Ellie just so happened to have an Aunt that knows all things Disney (Aunt Molly) and she ended up kicking butt (and taking all necklaces) in the contest. Molly was pretty proud :-)

Carolina decided to treat herself to a little snack while no one was paying attention

She seems like a French Onion type of girl :-)

Loves it!

Who want's kisses??

So after we cleaned up that mess and took small naps- we were off to Italy (in Epcot of course)!   We ate at Via Napoli and I think we all agreed that it was our favorite.  The table they put us at was AWESOME.  Granted it was right in the middle of the restaurant, somewhat like we were on display, but it was still awesome.  It was this LONG, bar height table with lots of room, so of course we loved it!  The resturant was very cool looking, the wait staff was awesome, the food was yummy and at one point, I think Andrew actually felt like he was in Italy :-)  He loved it!  I should probably point out that it’s Andrew’s life dream to go to Italy- so he thought this night was prety awesome.





Can you tell Andrew loved it?? The picture on the right CRACKS ME UP!

These next few pictures are probably my absolute favorite from the trip. I almosted peed my pants while I was taking them. First off- the one of the left is just hyterical. The one on the right is the starting picture of 3 pictures in which I told Ellie & Briley to pick different poses for. Please watch Ellie's poses....I think Allison & Andrew are in for it :-)

Poses 2 & 3.....awesomeness

The twins loved Italy!


Time to huddle up and move on :-)

Andrew got this shot while I was on Mission Space. I love it! I made Andrew hold my camera for me a lot because I knew he woudl mess around and take some pictures :-)

This is what we looked like when we parked and waited for each ride, ha! Expect it was usually my dad and Todd ( the two that don't do so hot on rides) and Ali ( the pregnant one) that were sitting with the babies

Oh Brady Boy eatting lunch. You are so gross.....

but so funny..........

and SO cute!!! Love his little smile :-)

  Then it was time to pack up the babies, pack up the ears, pack up the memories and head home………….

i'm not in it....I took it :-)

 Words can not even begin to describe what an awesome vacation it was!  It was definiltey one for the record books.  Absolutely priceless and wonderful :-)  We proved that it is possible to take 26 people to Disney World, not lose anyone and have fun, ha!  You just have to go into with the mindset that it’s going to be fun- don’t start off thinking it’s going to be a disaster.  A SUPER HUGE BIG thank you to my parents for getting the whole thing started and making it happen.  You guys really are the best parents and grand parents anyone could ever ask for :-)  Also- MAJOR kudos to my older siblings for organizing the whole thing.  You should see all the emails, research, timing, planning, etc that has gone into this trip over the past year and a half.  Andy is a Disney Machine!  He knew where we needed to be at exactly what time and it made the whole trip go so smoothly. 

There is still so much I didn’t even document.  Some days I didn’t bring my camera, some things I couldn’t film or photograph because it was too dark, quotes I can’t remember, some things that you just had to be there for, etc. 

SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!  I know the kiddos will never forget it :-)  THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now I’m going to bed so I won’t be completely exhausted for my morning shoot and then a wedding shoot in Columbia!


  1. Sara S. says:

    Perfect post Lis! I kind of want to cry a little bit! Now tell me again why we packed up and went home! It was the most awesome trip and I couldn’t have described it better than you. If you go back and read what Mom said on the cards when they told us we were going to do this 2 Christmas’ ago it is totally true…Now I have to find the card to put it in my scrapbook!

  2. Julie says:

    Lissy-I love, love, love your pictures and story-telling! What an awesome trip! It was truly “a magical” adventure for all of you!

  3. Linda Wurm says:

    Loved hearing about your Disney trip. We went 4 years ago and it was awesome. But there was so much we did not get to see or do, I want to go back…. I will go back…. I can’t imagine going with 26 people though. My brother-in-law and sis-in law were there the same week as you guys. I told them to keep an eye out for the group of 26!!! Heard no reports of a sighting.

  4. Carol says:

    Lissy, this was so awesome, what a wonderful trip for all ofyou, I can’t believe no one got lost, I just enjoyed all the pictures so much and the expressions, Mike & Mary Carol you 2 are the best wonderful family

  5. Mom says:

    Some may consider this frivolous.,
    Others may wish we hadn’t,
    Some may even think “not now, please
    However there will be some whose hearts will skip a beat,
    Others eyes will shine with excitement.
    Some will be giddy with anticipation
    And then they’ll start planning….when, next year, the year after,
    Spring, summer.
    On Disney, off Disney, five days, six days – we have time to Dream
    Of all the possibilities
    But, what we wouldn’t want to miss ~ Our Grandkids faces when they see
    Cinderella’s Castle!!
    …We want to share the magic

  6. Amanda says:

    Lissy thank you so much for catching all those amazing moments. Reading your post was like being there again. Thank you to Mom and Dad for getting it started. Thanks you to Andy and Sara for keeping it going. Everyones hard work turned it into a memory maker full of funny, silly, sweet and just plain CRAZY moments. After being home for over a week I must say I miss the early wake up calls, miles of walking, the love of little fans with misters, breakfast waffles in snack traps, dinner with 25 other people, follow the leader with 6 strollers, roller coasters with Jackson, log rides with Carson, “It’s A Small World” with Colton and Carolina, Dumbo with Papa, Drinks by the pool with Grandma (really needed those), Watching Todd watch his kids see the magic, Colton and Carolina’s love for the fluffy characters, and most of all being with my family. Thanks for all the perfect memories everyone. Can’t wait to do it again.

    • Mom says:

      Perfect descriiption ~a memory maker full of funny, silly, sweet & just plain CRAZY moments – Perfect!


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