{Spring Break Camp Aunt Lissy}

I’ve never felt like such a creeper in my life.  This week has been my week of creepin :-)    Sara and Ryan are on a mad dash to find a house because their one in Bentonville already sold.  They’ve found several, but they all go “pending” within like a day of being listed.   So I’ve been watching listings like a crazy person, researching, google-ing EVERYTHING and even……..even driving by the properties and taking pictures if they’re foreclosure/bank owned listings.   Seriously, creeper.

Well yesterday I came upon thee CUTEST house and neighborhood.  I about died.  I called Sara immediately (she was on her way into town from Kirksville) and told her she had to meet me nearby so that I could drive her by it.   She also fell in love.  We drove by it at least 10 times.  We drove through the neighborhood over and over again.   I kept saying, “oh my gosh, you’re neighbors houses are so cute.  Your street is so cute!  Look at your back yard!!!  Everything’s so cute!”   Totally talking like it’s their house.  Absolutely ridiculous.  Especially ridiculous because it will probably be too good to be true.  I just don’t understand how it could be available….it’s THAT cute and perfect.  According to all my research, it’s been in foreclosure since Nov. 2011 and is owned by Citi Mortgage.  Now….it would be a totally different thing if a family was still living there and they were just going through a rough spot, then I would feel awful and won’t even look at the house.  BUT it’s completely vacant.   Who knows what’s wrong with it, but you gotta try, right?  :-)  I’m hoping that, by some crazy miracle, it’s available and doesn’t have anything wrong with it.   Either way, they need to find a house soon because like I said, I’m in total stalker mode.  It’s really quite ridiculous.   I’m seriously to the point of pimping out my photography skills for free to get this house :-)  See???  I sound like a TOTAL crazy person!!!!

So other than house stalking and feeling like a complete  psycho, I’ve been doing some shoots (sneak peeks to come in the next few days) and I spent most of last week in Kirksville.  Amanda and the kiddos were in town and Sara and her kiddos were in town for a bit as well.  Now add in the fact that Ali and her 5 kiddos live in KV and generally hang around my parents house when family is in town, that took us up to 12 kids running around.   8 which were almost 3 and older and needed something to do :-)   This is where Spring Break Camp Aunt Lissy came in!

Really, it was just a spur of the moment type of deal that turned into 3 days of activities, dancing and treats out at the pool house.   It worked :-)   The kids had fun, danced like crazy people, made some crafts, at some chocolate and got some Aunt Lissy time!

These two little cuties did no attend Spring Break Camp Aunt Lissy, but they did entertain me one morning :-)   Grayson was showing off his leg lift skills to Preston.

Spring Break (6)b

Then Preston decided to give the leg lift thing a shot and about threw up everywhere :-)   Grayson was obviously  not impressed.

Spring Break (7)

Then they both sat and laughed about it.  Babies find the littlest things funny :-)

Spring Break (9)

“You mean we don’t get to wear our P.J.’s all day???”

Spring Break (4)

Preston just wanted to hold hands with Grayson, but he was NOT having it.  :-)

Spring Break (6)

Grayson showing off those leg lifts again :-)

Spring Break (1)

Such cute little guys!

Spring Break (2)

Spring Break (3)

So the next day is when Camp Aunt Lissy started and oh man….it was ALL OVER the place.  There was no plan on the first day, I just kinda did a few pinterest things and it went really well.  I derided to plan it out a bit more for the next day, but I quickly learned that they like it more when I just kinda throw stuff out there :-)

Spring Break (44)

We started out by making those Cotton Balls from pinterest, the ones that you can supposedly shatter???  I didn’t get pictures of that, but while those baked in the oven we started in with the Oobleck!!!  Cornstarch and water.  Surely you’ve all done this one in grade school, right??  Well none of these guys had done it yet and they LOVED it.  Like could have played with it for HOURS.  Another funny thing I love about this picture?  Ellie’s Sunkist soda ,ha!  Ali doesn’t keep her kids from having soda but she does try to encourage them to prefer things like water and milk and it’s worked for Jackon and Lincoln (they both don’t like soda), but Ellie……that girl loves her some soda and she’s SO funny when she spies it.  She know’s she really shouldn’t be drinking it, but man oh man does she love it when she gets it.  I should tell you that she rarely get’s it.  So she was pretty funny each day when we’d get out to the pool house.  She’d go straight to the fridge and grab her mini Sunkist soda :-)

Spring Break (10)

Colton just loved peeking into my camera to see if Mickey Mouse did indeed live in my camera :-)

Spring Break (11)

These two were best buds during the Oobleck part of our day :-)

Spring Break (12)

Spring Break (13)

Spring Break (14)

Spring Break (15)

just one of Carolina’s MANY funny faces you’ll see throughout this post :-)

Spring Break (16)

Spring Break (17)

Spring Break (18)

Spring Break (19)

Spring Break (21)

So while they were finishing up that, I went over to check on our cotton balls and decided to take them out.  I don’t think they were supposed to “brown on top.”  Once they cooled we took them outside to smash them, but we couldn’t even get them off the cookie sheet.  FAIL.  Lucky for me, they didn’t seem too upset.

Spring Break (20)

I don’t think they were upset because I think they knew what was next……………………..PAINTING!!!!

Spring Break (26)

We decided to make a banner for our “camp”  :-)

Spring Break (22)

Carolina just got a cup of pink paint and went nuts.  But it kept her happy :-)

Spring Break (25)

Spring Break (27)

Spring Break (24)

Every now and then Jackson would just opt to steal my ipad and hang out in the pool house bed.  I think he’s always seen the pool house as, well….the pool house.  We’re out there all the time in the summer, but people only stay the night out there every now and then.  I don’t think Jackson’s ever actually just stayed or just sat in teh pool house.  It’s always just to run in and grab something.   So since we were hanging out there all day, I think he started to like his new found “hang out spot”  :-)

Spring Break (23)

Spring Break (28)

Some good tunes just happened to pop up over the speakers and I was told to “TURN IT UP!!!!”  and it eventually turned into a full blown dance party!

Spring Break (31)

I don’t know if you know Ellie or not, but when that girl rocks out………she ROCKS OUT HARDCORE!

Spring Break (32)

like sings and dances her heart out :-)

Spring Break (33)

I should have filmed Carolina dancing.  It was adorable.  She put’s both pointer fingers in the air and raises them up and down while turning in circles and shaking her hips side to side :-)  Every now and then she’d bend down to the floor and kick one leg up.  I joked it was “her move”, ha!

Spring Break (35)

Seriously, these kids were NOT joking about this dance party.

Spring Break (36)

Spring Break (37) Spring Break (38)

Spring Break (39)

Carolina cracks me up in this one!

Spring Break (40)

Then Ellie decided the dance party needed to be moved to the “stage” a.k.a the fire place, ha!

Spring Break (41)

Spring Break (42)

Next up???   Peep’s S’Mores :-)  Yet another pinterest find.  We’re a big fan of microwave s’mores in the Early family, so when I saw the microwave s’mores made with peeps instead of marshmallows, I was sold!  They looked SUPER CUTE, so I figured this could be my test run to see just how cute the actual final product was.

Spring Break (47)

Lincoln was kinda so so about them.  I don’t think he was thrilled that I put the peep on the chocolate, I’m sure he just wanted the chocolate by itself :-)

Spring Break (45)

SEE!!!!!!!  Super colorful and cute :-)

Spring Break (46)

Love this kid :-)

Spring Break (48)

Carson was sold as well.  By the way, can you see the purple paint in his hair??  You can tell you had fun when you end the day with paint in your hair :-)

Spring Break (49)

Spring Break (50)

Carolina was HYSTERICAL.   I really think she didn’t know what to do.  It took her a bit to figure out exactly how to go about eating a S’more.

Spring Break (51)

Spring Break (52)

She finally saw the other kids just picking them up and eating them, so she decided to give that a whirl.

Spring Break (53)

kinda liking it…………….

Spring Break (54)

kinda at the point of realizing just how good they are…..

Spring Break (56)

Spring Break (58)a

Spring Break (58)


Spring Break (57)

So that was the end of Day One.  I made them help me clean up and the only one really excited about that was this little guy :-)  He LOVES to be a helper and he actually follows his mom around the house day “helping” her.  I find it adorably cute, but I could totally see where it would get a smidge annoying and unproductive at times….but it still melts my heart :-)

Spring Break (59)

Of course our clean up time went hand and hand with another dance party.  You can’t clean and not have music?!?!?  Right???

Spring Break (60)

So we went through a few songs and then there wasn’t really much on, so I switched to our local country station.   I was completely giddy and went into full on  super star mode when the next song came on……………..any girl that I went to high school with will know this song and will be like, “OH MY GOSH!!!  I remember that one!!!”  and then you’ll totally start belting it out like I did :-)   You ready?????  Who I Am by Jessica Andrews.    The one that’s like, “I am Rosemary’s granddaughter, the spitting image of my father,…..”   You’ll know it as soon as you hear it :-)  Well anyway, that one came on and I went all “holy crap, give me my fake microphone and let me do this!”  on the kiddos and this is what Carson and Carolina gave me :-)

Spring Break (61)

Ellie on the other hand…… understood how much fun it is to just belt out that song like no one’s business :-)   oh girls.

Spring Break (62)

So the next day is when Bella and Brady got into town so we kinda held off on starting camp until just before they got there.  I decided to introduce them to “print making” or some version of it.    I just smeared paint on plastic and let them draw out negative space with q-tips then we transferred them onto card stock   As I was showing them how to do it, it hit me that they could totally find this one boring, but surprisingly….they loved it!

Spring Break (63) Spring Break (64)

Carolina being awkward yet again for a picture :-)

Spring Break (65)

Ellie offered to teach her how to transfer her print to card stock and for some reason Carolina was SO shy about it.  She loves Ellie, but when any attention is on her, she get’s totally awkward and shy.  I love it :-)  These are the faces she makes when she really wants to smile, but is trying so hard to fight it.  It makes me laugh so hard :-)

Spring Break (66)

Spring Break (67)

Spring Break (68)

We did A LOT of hand washing at Camp Aunt Lissy :-)

Spring Break (69)

Up next???  oh just another dance party.   They were going NUTS this day.  Check out Ellie’s moves.  Serious business.

Spring Break (70)

Spring Break (71)

I want my mom to frame this one, ha!

Spring Break (72)

Spring Break (73)

I think they’re all looking at Ellie at this point and thinking, “really?  seriously?  stop stealing the show, it’s annoying!”

Spring Break (74)

Spring Break (75)

Then I made the girls pose for a picture and I told them there was absolutely ZERO smiling.  Normally this reverse psychology works for all of them, but Carolina got awkward as usual and Bella busted out this sweet face…..

Spring Break (76)

Silly faces tend to go over much more smoothly :-)

Spring Break (77)

Then we tossed Carson in there and gave him kisses :-)

Spring Break (78)

Spring Break (79)

Spring Break (80)

Spring Break (43)

Then Carolina got totally freaked out again :-)

Spring Break (81)

Spring Break (82)

Then it was time for the game they had all been BEGGING to do since they saw me walk through the house with shaving cream and cheese balls.  They didn’t have any idea what we were doing, but I think they all knew that if those two things were involved….they were game :-)

So it was another pinterest game.  You just cover shower caps with shaving cream, divide into teams and then see which team can toss the most cheese balls onto the shower caps in a certain amount of time.    Ellie and Carson were our Shower Cap Wearers.

Spring Break (83)

Spring Break (88)

My mom tried to get it started, but we quickly realized we didn’t need to make it a game, they all just loved throwing cheese balls and shaving cream all over the place :-)

Spring Break (87)

Spring Break (86)

Spring Break (89)

Mom asked me to get a picture of the “almost 3 year olds” together and this was the best we got……oh 3 year olds, you guys are so uncooperative and so 3 :-)

Spring Break (90)

You know you live in Missouri when you can get a picture like this.  Sun shining, almost 70 degrees, jeans rolled up, bare feet…..playing in left over snow.  Only in Missouri :-)

Spring Break (91)

Spring Break (92)

Spring Break (93)

Spring Break (94)

I can’t wait to start getting into the warm days that involve scenes like this :-)

Spring Break (97)

Next activity …the crayon, wax paper melt thingys.  Which was kind of a fail as well.  I got the cheapo crayons and the labels do NOT peel of them.  So I just had the kids color on wax paper and then we put another layer over their pictures and melted them.  It didn’t really work, but they all thought it did :-)

Spring Break (95)

Spring Break (96)

So after that, we just played outside the rest of the day.  It was so nice out and they didn’t care if we had activities or not.  They (along with the rest of us) were just pumped to be outside most of the day :-)

The next day Ali and my mom decided we could use the Kirksville Deal of the Day coupons they got to use at the bowling alley.   It was a super nice day out as well, so it kinda killed me to be inside, but we weren’t there long and the kids had a blast for the 1 game we played, so it worked!   It was actually a lot of fun and the kids cracked me up the whole time :-)

At first, we kinda had some melt downs over bowling balls.  Leisure World needs more pink bowling balls!!!

Spring Break (98)

Spring Break (99)

Spring Break (100)

so once we got the ball situation sorted out and everyone calmed down, we started bowling :-)  Carolina was pretty funny.  She’d roll it down the thing and just hop hop hop back to her seat with a big smile on her face, ha!

Spring Break (101)

Spring Break (102)

Spring Break (105)

Someone is quite the bowler………….

Spring Break (106)

Spring Break (109)

Oh Bella…..Bella, Bella, Bella.   I can say with certainty that I don’t think this girl will ever be a pro bowler :-)   Her ball did even make it to the pins a couple times, ha!  We eventually got to the point where one of us would go up there with her and then push it real quick once she dropped it to the ground.

Spring Break (111)

Spring Break (112)

The funniest part was that as soon as her ball would FINALLY hit the pins, she’d twirl around and say, “YES, now I can go back to my seat!”   They all were OBSESSED with the spinning chairs.  We could have just taken them to a room of spinning chairs and they would have been happy as clams :-)

Spring Break (113)

Mr. Jackson, such a stud :-)

Spring Break (114)

you know how you lean and twist your body to the side where you want your ball to go???

Spring Break (115)

Spring Break (116)

Lincoln taking a break to show me his muscles :-)  By the way, if you know Lincoln, then you’ll know how appropriate his shirt is, ha!  I found that gem at Target and he talks about it all the time :-)

Spring Break (117)

anddddddd…..everyone’s back in their spinning chairs :-)

Spring Break (118)

So there you have it!!!  That was Spring Break Camp Aunt Lissy :-)  Next up I’ll have some sneak peek pictures for you!  Hopefully tomorrow night because if I don’t get it done tomorrow, it won’t be till Monday.  I have a wedding in Columbia on Saturday and then 3 shoots back in St. Louis on Sunday.   Yes I will be exhausted by the end of it all :-)

I guarantee you that Sunday night will involve my P.J’s, my couch, my computer and a movie, ha!

Spring Break (29)

Spring Break (30)


  1. Chrissie Neely says:

    I sang “Who I Am” at our 8th grade talent show. It was pretty awesome if I do say so myself! Also, we are having Aidan and Addison for Spring Break next week so we’ll have to see how their time here goes. We have things planned such as: lego/balloon car races, making rice krispies egg nests, and sleepovers in the guest room! Yay!

  2. Mom says:

    I love this blog post ;-) and why wouldn’t I….THESE ARE SOME OF MY FAVORITE PEOPLE IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD HAVING SO MUCH FUN – perfect combination<3 Grandma's absolutely love memories like these…..Thank you Lissy <3

  3. Mom says:

    Ooooops, I guess your blog won’t make a heart out of a < and a 3 but you know what I mean <3

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