{Sometimes you get ants in your pants…and it's no fun}

Ants in the pants seemed to be the theme of my shoots this past weekend.  Coen got ants in his pants (actually they were all over him), I got ants in my shirt (very uncomfortable), Macy got ants on her and the Mehringer family had to fight off some ants for one of their pictures. 

yuck :-)

So anyway.  This weekend was full of shoots.   Hot, humid, sweaty, gross shoots.    You know when you shower, put lotion on, put make up on….and then you go outside when it’s 98 degrees in Missouri and you wonder why in the hell you did anything along the lines of getting ready?!?!   That is when lotion is the WORST.   I can’t not put lotion on- I have to have it, but when you put it on and then go outside and roll around in the grass while taking pictures…. it is all sorts of nastiness.  I seriously slid across the grass during one of them because my legs were such a lotion and sweat mix. 

I’m sure you all wanted to know that :-)

I have some clients that are very excited and waiting very patiently for their sneak peeks- so here we go!


This is a blooper...but it makes me laugh every time :-)

These girls are FULL of sassy poses :-)


I love this one :-)


I have one more shoot tonight and then I’m pretty much good for the week….thank you Dear Lord!  I’m staying in Kirksville this week because there just so happen to be a number of my adorable nieces & nephews coming and going all week :-) 


  1. Mandie Showers says:

    Lissy – I think this might be my favorite sneak peek ever excluding the ones w/ my kids in them! The farmish pictures with the man looking down at the little boy – just melts my heart! The blooper of the Cleaver kids is classic. The engagement pics with the sillhouette on the wall are AMAZING! I love it all! You’re incredible!!!!

  2. Corin says:

    I love them!! Yay! Thank you so much for sweating it out with us.

  3. Allison says:

    So many wonderful pics. The Eitel ones turned out great-there are so many good ones. And the ones of Bright and Macy just make me smile-so fun. And I love Tyler and Danielle’s engagement pictures. They are fun and so sweet.

  4. Lori says:

    Lissy, the pictures turned out great! Thanks for going above and beyond fighting the heat and ants, not to mention the drive. Can’t wait to see the rest. You do an awesome job and made the process a lot of fun. Your “team” is pretty darn awesome too.
    Lori Ann

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