{Sneak peeks, schedule update and travel update :-) }

My, my, my……it’s been a “do nothing but work” type of week.  Expect for jury duty…I did have to stop working to do that.  But the rest has been spent getting caught up (I feel like I’m always trying to get caught up, ha!) and also getting stuff done around my apartment.   Such as putting together a new dresser….holy freaking h-e- double hockey sticks!   First off, the Fedex guy about passed out trying to get it to my door.  I told him I would take it to my apartment unit and he laughed and me….I think he felt bad for me, because he asked me where I planned on putting it once I had it put together and once I said my room he said, “can I go ahead and put it back there for you?  It’s really heavy.”    Sure strange man whom I’ve just met, go ahead and go into my bedroom.  Awesome.  Actually- he wasn’t creepy at all and I knew he was just trying to help me.  So it was fine :-)    Why did I get a new dresser??   Well, my parents stole my dresser last time they were here (turns out my mom had a plan for it for my party, but it ended up not working) so I’ve had clothes everywhere!!   It was an old dresser from my parents house and it’s seen better days, so my dad was going to fix the drawers and do some other stuff, turns out he tightened up the side of the dresser a tad too much and now the drawers don’t fit, hahahah!  So that’s how the new, extremely heavy dresser came about :-)

So I got started on putting it together at like 2:30ish………people, no joke…..6:30 is when I finished.   At 2:30, I was all giddy and excited, ready to get it put together and get all my clothes back in place and get my room back to normal…….by 5:30, I decided buying a 6- drawer dresser was the dumbest idea I ever had.

BUT, it’s done, I love it, all my clothes are put away and I’m now onto my next project…….which is “cataloguing” all my props :-)  Lindsay laughed at me when I told her about it at lunch the other day.   She knows how many props I have strewn from St. Louis to Kirksville….it’s ridiculous and it’s out of control, so that’s why I’m going to catalog them.  Sometimes they don’t get used because I totally forget I even have them.  Now I’ll have them all on my computer and organized by type.   Right now I’m working on all my blankets, backdrops, fabrics, wraps, etc.  Those are out of control as well and right now they’re taking over my living room as I start my cataloguing process.  Lord help me :-)  I also love that I’m starting this project right before I leave St. Louis for a week…..smart thinking…..NOT!

Since I’m hitting the road here shortly, I wanted to get my last weeks worth of sneak peeks up before I left.    Really, I know I always say I have the best job, but seriously….I really do.   The past week/weekend was filled with a mix of old clients and new clients and as I go further into my career, I’ve really become totally attached to old clients.   I LOVE LOVE LOVE both old and new, but the old one’s just hold a special place in my heart :-)  I love catching up, I love seeing what the kids are up to, I love watching the personalities change and grow and I love watching them just be totally comfortable with me.  I love it when the kids know me and are excited to see me.  I love it when I spend an extra 45 minutes after the shoot just talking (if I don’t have a shoot right after, ha!).  I love talking “photography talk” with client mom’s that have DSLR’s and have questions.   I love meeting new clients and hearing the story behind how they found me.  I love talking with them and getting to know them throughout the shoot.  I just love it all.  Is it stressful sometimes, absolutely.  Do you get crazy busy and overbooked??  Sometimes.  Do you get difficult clients??  Yes, but rarely and it’s just part of the job.  The nice thing is that I can just chose not do pictures for those people, ha!   BUT, I work for myself, I make my own schedule, I get to snuggle with a lot of babies, I get paid when I go home and see my family and do shoots, I can take a month off to just “be”,  if I want to take a week off, I can.  The best part is that when I eventually get married and have kids, I can just adjust my schedule and cut back as needed.   I was just talking with a  friend tonight that I really have a job where I don’t really ever have to completely retire.   It’s a hobby job :-)

So anyway, I just love my job and I love my clients who truly love me and my work :-)












































Now I’m off to Kansas City this afternoon.  It was supposed to be for shoots, but NO ONE signed up for shoots.  This typically happens when I plan a shoot weekend in Kansas City….I plan it out a couple months in advance to give people a chance to either make room for a shoot or modify their usual weekend plans to squeeze in a shoot, I announce it a few times, a few people might sign up (or in this weekends case, none), I drive across the state, visit with family and do shoots and then it NEVER FAILS that as soon as I get home, I get like 6 emails saying something along the lines of  ”I see you were just in Kansas City, when is the next time you’re going to be here, I want to do a shoot!”  Never fails.  As for this year, from the end of October to Christmas is going to be NUTS, so I really won’t be back to KC until the Spring.  So basically- if you’re reading this, you live in KC and you want to do a shoot……….figure out how to make this weekend work and call me :-)

I thought about just not going since I didn’t have anyone sign up, but I want to see my siblings/nieces and nephews, the Plaza Art Fair is going on and I want to see Caroline & Jared’s new house, so I’m going :-)   On Sunday, rather than driving back to St. Louis, I’m actually heading up to Kirksville to do a week/weekend full of shoots and then finally back to St. Louis again.   AND I will be staying in St. Louis until the weekend of October 20th!!!!!  If you know my typical travel schedule, you know that a solid 3 week  stay in St. Louis is rare.  So that’s big for me :-)   If you’re wanting to do a shoot in October, EMAIL ME NOW!!!!  I have no weekends available in October, but I do have some week days open.   Whether it means doing something in the morning and going in to work later or taking off early and doing something in the early evening before we lose light.   My November is kind of up in the air because I have 2 nephews and a niece arriving that month :-)   That’s why I opted out of doing any sort of Christmas Card specials just because I knew I would be having to get them all done right around the time I would be racing to and from Dallas & Des Moines seeing new babies and doing pictures/helping.  So this year was just a bit too crazy for anything like that, but next year I will be doing them!


  1. Beth Croker says:

    Love the pics of Jack & Kristen Croker!!


  2. Mom says:

    These pictures made me laugh out loud – just ask Dad :-)))))) Brody’s scrunched up face – HALARIOUS!!!! The twins, always, always, always steal my heart – they remind me of you – too cute and the three sisters, also something familiar ;-) So many cute little boys & girls – what a fun week for Lissy!!!!! See you in KC Sunday!

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