{Sneak peeks!}

Ok- this one is going to be quick (as in no typing and all pictures, quick) because I have to leave for a shoot :-) 

I’m sure no one minds though, ha! 

Only 8 more (will be 11 after today) more sneak peeks to go!


  1. tiffany athon says:

    great pics angie!

  2. Mom says:

    Oh my….Love these pictures! Avery, so dainty & sweet, the Brawner family in the tree’s – needs a fireplace to mantel to sit upon, and the family walking down the road – once again, you captured a day in their life, perfect! And the little boy in the Crisco crate….adorable!!!!!

  3. Sara S. says:

    Completely agree with Mom! These are all perfect! I love the one of baby Avery’s chin propped up on her chest! I have to say that little Brawner grandbaby has perfect photo hair and eyes! love his fuzzy hair and shiny eyes! All of the family pictures and the sweet engagement shots… and the crisco baby! Love him! Also – I am super impressed with that Mom and the wardrobe change for all of the family!

  4. Kimie C says:

    Me too…love the Crisco baby :> *that made me laugh out loud to see * and the family walking down the road. Perfect! Lots of good smiles in this group of pictures.

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