About Me

Hey there!  My name is Lissy and I’m a photographer in St. Louis, MO.  I grew up in Kirksville, MO and come from a HUGE family.  You’re going to read about them a ton on my blog because they are my world.  Since my family is one of the biggest things in my life, I often travel to visit them and because of this, I’ll have to admit that my business is all over the place, but mainly St. Louis & Kirksville, MO.    I do have family in lots of places, so be sure to check my blog and see where I’ll be traveling and if we can meet up for a shoot :-)

I’m one of those people that you really have to put time into getting to know me.  Yeah, you can meet me once or twice and get an idea, but……I really require time :-)   So rather than attempting to make you like me and hire me, I’ll just give you some fun facts and you can take it from there!

I’ve never been known to be a nature/animal/bug type of girl, but this job has forced me to change and now I will jump into just about anything (I will still  say I think it’s gross though, ha!).   This does not mean I don’t like being outside.  I love being outside and actually prefer to be outside, I just hate bugs.  I only like my dad’s pancakes.   I LOVE Kenny G’s Christmas albums like no one’s business.  I hate the sound of my voice on video recordings *cringe*.   I love lemon Starburst.  I want to marry a man who will build knock-off Pottery Barn furniture for me because I’m sure as heck not paying that much for their stuff.  Believe me, I worked there and it’s overpriced.  I adore my nieces and nephews.   I’m feisty.  I always believe in seeing the bright side of things, laughing at myself  and I will always be grateful for the ridiculous amount of happiness and love I have in my life….but I’m also very real, too honest at times and will speak my mind if pushed far enough.   Sometimes it works in my favor and sometimes it doesn’t, but hey- that’s life!   I swear I’m dyslexic.   I go into Target to buy 1 thing and come out with 10….on a regular basis.    Sometimes I secretly want to move to Canada, get married and have THIS lady photograph my wedding.   At any point in time, I have 100 thoughts running through my mind and if you ask me a question….you could very well get a response that includes 10 different side stories.    I’ve never been one to stay on topic :-)   My favorite place in the world is at home with my family.   I love storms.  Not the destruction they bring along, but like when there is a huge thunderstorm or snow storm on the horizon…..I’m giddy.   The more snow, the more lighting, the more rain???  The happier I am :-)    I’m attempting to enjoy running, but I still just don’t like it.   I like the way I feel after I do it, but I still just can’t be like “oh my gosh I love running.”    I’ve been known to sleep walk….and talk….apparently it’s pretty funny.   I’m not one to love Twilight or Real Housewives of whatever or really any shows, but Shark Week????  OBSESSED.  Anything Discovery Channel, History Channel, National Geographic related??  I’m there!   I will admit that I get a kick out of Duck Dynasty, ha!  I live in a tiny apartment in St. Louis, but I dream of owning a property that has curvy, tree-lined roads, an orchard, a Christmas tree farm, old barns, some sort of beach, a mossy forest, hills, a winery, a mansion with HUGE windows and big open, rooms filled with vintage props, a different house for me to live in because I don’t want to live in a mansion, relatively close to mid-size city and a few other things.  Is that too much to ask for??  I think not :-)

No, I don’t have kids.  For some reason, people think I have 12 kids.  Nieces & nephews??  Yes.  My own kids?? No.   Although, apparently I get some of them if any of my siblings or a few friends bite the dust.  Yikes :-)

Yes, I’m single.   I don’t know what else to write here.   I’m not anti-marriage.  I would love to be married, but you can bet it’s going to be the right man.  I don’t do divorce, so call me “picky” if that’s the way you see it.  It’s not even picky, but more so I just know what I want.   I don’t ask guys out and some of my friends think that’s my problem.  My thoughts are that if a guy want’s to ask me out, he will.  I would rather him ask me out than me ask him out.  Man up, right?  :-)   I’m also told that I’m intimidating???  But I have no idea how that’s possible.   Another common “diagnosis” to my single life is that, “you’re never in town!”    Here’s the deal, I’ll adjust if the right person comes along.   I don’t have anything against being “set-up”, but thus far, it has never worked out, so let’s just say I don’t have the most faith in it.   It also might not help that I spend 90% of my time around families, babies and kids….all of which involved married people :-)   So whatever.   What happens, happens.  Right?

I love what I do, but I’m also a one man band.  I don’t have 3 friends that are in partnership with me, I don’t have a husband that also does photography with me, I don’t have an assistant, etc.   It’s me, by myself, with my crazy schedule.   I hope you like me :-)   oh….and based off my picture, I obviously enjoy a glass of wine every now and then.

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