{ohhhh my…..}

Cheese & Rice!!!!!  If you only knew what my past 2 weeks have been like………….  yesterday was the last straw…..  I can’t even type about it because it just makes me angry even thinking about it.  I’m sure if you see me around town I’ll tell you about it, but I can’t even begin to type it because it’s the biggest, longest, messiest story you’ve ever heard. 

Besides- who wants to listen to it???  honestly???  I wouldn’t if I were you :-)  I’ll stop whining now. 

OK- so on Sunday night I met up with Andrea & Evan for a lil’ engagement shoot.  Andrea & Evan won my facebook contest way back when and their prize was an engagement session with yours truly.   Turns out I’m related to/know just about everyone on the planet because of my GIGANTIC family.  So Andrea and I are talking and she’s from Memphis, MO.  My grandma was a teacher in Memphis for YEARS, so I asked her if she knew her.  Ummmmmm…..turns out her mom and my grandma were best friends.    Then we talk some more and we find out she knows some Killday’s (my mom’s side of the family) and her aunt used to be married to a Killday.   CRAZINESS!!!!!!!  We decided we should probably become friends since we have so many connections, ha!!! 

Thanks for sticking it out through the muggy, St. Louis weather and enjoy your sneak peek!!!!




















Ok- after taking TWO HOURS to do this tiny post…..I’ve come to the conclusion that i’m just not going to get any sort of gallery making or blog updating done while I’m back in Kirksville.  I don’t know what the deal is but my parents need new internet :-)     I’m making phone calls tomorrow to find a way to get faster internet because I honestly can NOT handle it anymore!   

Can you tell I’m a little stressed???  Not even stressed, just annoyed because it’s just one thing after another….every day, something new goes wrong. 

I’m sure I’ll get “a talk” after my mom reads this :-)


  1. Lori says:

    Maybe we could get you a connection at Truman? I know it isn’t as comfortable as home!

  2. Kimie C says:

    Deep breath! Love, love, love the chalk hearts. Cute idea.

  3. Mom says:

    Andrea, I love your pictures!!! I remember you as a little girl and so many of your features remind me of your Aunt Pam!

  4. Tanya says:

    Congratulations Andrea! Absolutely gorgeous…I can’t wait to tell mom she will be so excited!

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