{ohhhh my…..}

So…..if you came by our house last night, you might have seen something awfully intimidating lurking in our trees and on our porch railings……

Oh man, he had me giggling the whole night.  He was a very serious Batman and was dead serious about creeping on people from high above :-)  He did this at my parents Halloween party the other night, expect for when he did it then, he was standing on top of his parents car and he has since gotten in trouble for that….so he switched to tree’s and railings :-)   Then he discovered that I could get pictures of him mid-flight while jumping off his perches and we ended up having a full-blown action photo shoot out in my parents front yard as trick-or-treaters were coming and going.

I told him not to jump off this next railing, because it was stone and not grass underneath him……

But you know, when you’re Batman, does stone really matter???  Jackson thought not and went for it….and fell onto his elbow but swore to me that it didn’t hurt.   Uh huh.  That black blob is him falling.  

Super Girl decided to get in on the action shots!  Have you ever seen a cuter Super Girl??  I think not :-)

Mini Batman, Super Girl and Batman…..wonder what this gang will look like next year with with Miles & Bennett added in :-)   Allison *gently* laid her forehead on the table to the other (in an act of defeat) and with her head down and voice muffled, she asked her husband, “Andrew, what are we going to do with 5 kids??”  ha :-)  Pretty sure my mom looked at her and thought, “seriously??”

SO, I also had one of my most favorite people in the world come visit me last night!  Mr. Ryan!!!!!  Who I just love to pieces and he calls me Aunt Lissy so I love him even more.  Seriously- I could hang out with this kid 24/7.  You MUST meet him and get to know him.  If you ever see him around town, just start talking to him and he’ll tell you all sorts of stuff in thee CUTEST voice ever.   I think I totally scared him when I saw them at the front door.  I screamed with excitement at how cute he was and he totally got this “WHAT THE HELL?!?!”  look on his face and turned around all shy.  But we were good after I went outside and talked to him for a bit :-)   CUTEST NERD EVER!!!!

While my parents went with Ali & Andrew around the neighborhood for a bit, Me, Caroline & Molly were in charge of the candy station.   This is how we spent our Halloween.  I had a blog post to get ready, Caroline had wedding invites to stuff and Molly had a paper to type up.  But at least we wore witch hats and at least we had beverages!  Caroline & I had wine with ice cubs (because we’re classy) and Molly had Hot Chocolate (because she’s not 21). 


So besides hanging around in Kirksville for a week, I’ve also been busy with shoots and trying to play catch-up.  Not joking- everytime I have a couple hours to catch up and get stuff done, something happens and my plan goes to crap!  This is the trend for the past 3 weeks….hopefully something changes soon :-)  Like last night- I had FULL intentions of getting this blog post up before I went to bed, but 1:30 rolls around and my head was bobbing around, my eyes were slowly opening and closing and apparently I was smoking crack as I was trying to run some pictures through Lightroom (a photoshop software).  I had decided to run them through Lightroom and just go to bed after I started the Lightroom export.  I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore and I knew it would take a little bit longer to get 85 picture exported, so I started the export, put my computer down and went to bed.   Well I woke up this morning planning on just finalizing everything and uploading them to my blog, doing the blog post and going on my merry little way……that was 4 hours ago.  I was looking at the pictures that exported from Lightroom the night before and they were CRAZY looking.  Like super saturated, super bright, just weird looking.  So have NO idea what I did, but it was not good :-)  This is why I should NOT edit when I can’t keep my eye’s open and I should probably just go to bed from now on , ha!


I’ve had lots of super cute shoots lately.  Especially my one’s on Truman Campus.  There is a spot that looks “picture perfect fallish” right now and I totally ate it up this weekend…..as you will be able to tell.

In hopes up keeping this blog post not to monstrou0s- I’m going to just say my top 3 favorite things about each shoot rather than writing a whole paragraph about it.  Ready?!

First up is the Bohon Family!
1- Their adorable tie shirts :-)
2- We actually got both boys to lay on their bellies and smile.  this was epic.
3- Sam asked me if I could stay and play with him, awwww!

The  Salmon Family
1- I haven’t seen this family is years!  They used to live in Kirksville, but then moved away.  It was fun to see them again and meet Jeff who wasn’t even born before they left.  Crazy!
2- They wanted to go for a more Urban/back alley type of shoot.  I love these shoots :-)  Kari requested we do some in a new parking garage in downtown Columbia, ha!  It worked out really well and I love the one’s with the blue fence in the background.  Who would have thought a blue construction fence would work for pictures!
3- I think the back alley pictures are my favorite!  I love a good alley :-)

I love this one! I know the sun is behind them and really bright, but I love it!

The McVay Family
1- Carter asked me to hold his hand as we walked across the street, awww :-)
2- Getting Andy (the lumberjack looking fella) to smile was pretty funny!
3- I got to take the picture that Amanda is going to use to announce they’re expecting!!  Surprise!!!  :-)

The Erwin/Collop Family
1- I love this family!  We did the 1st part of their shoot 2 weeks ago, but I wans’t happy with the big family picture, so they met up with me again this weekend.  They didn’t even get mad at me :-)
2- I LOVE the one’s of grandpa & grandma.  So sweet :-)
3- the picture of the boys throwing the leaves makes me laugh, because they go in order by height.

Stephanie & Jason Reganon’s families
1- Stef & Jason set up this shoot and I love the idea.  Instead of doing seperate shoots for his side and her side, they just got both groups together and did one big shoot with both their families :-)
2- I loved the side of their barn.  It had lots of stone and rocks piled up that worked well as different levels of seating for the pictures.
3- Brody’s cowboy hat :-)

Allyson & Bennett- Engagement Session
1- They were comfortable with being all cute, kissy and mushy :-)  Some couples act like they don’t even like eachother and it’s like pulling teeth to get them to look “in love” during their session, ha!
2- I loved that they picked Love Never Fails as their chalk writing for one picture.  Very creative :-)
3- Their Silly Face pictures were awesome….but when Allyson went to kiss Bennett and he licked her face instead….then she had a look of TOTAL disgust….that was awesome :-)

Kelsey Jacques- Senior 2012
1- I didn’t really do any editing to her pictures….she’s GORGEOUS!
2- She’s very funny :-)
3- I want her red coat.  I love it, I must have one!  I already have one, but it’s longer and now I think I want a peacoat type one as well :-)

The McFarland Family
1- Love everything about this shoot.  Every little piece.  This family was AWESOME!!!!
2- Lynae used to teach at Mary Immaculte when my little sisters were still there and I always remember her putting on the best Christmas Programs!  She’s so creative and the kids LOVED her!
3- These boys are HYSTERICAL!  I laughed the whole shoot. 


Charlie & Tina Zeman
1- I met them at their house and got to see, what I believe they call, “the Dead Animal Room.”    HOLY SMOKES!!!  MASSIVE stuffed heads.  A Giant moose, a giant bison, a few bear rugs and about 20 other scray things.  I said it was very impressive, but kinda like my worst nightmare, hahaha!!  Could you imagine going to sleep and then waking up in there in the middle of the night.  Yeah….scary :-)
2- They suggested I ride with them once we got out to the farm.  This was a brilliant idea because, o h   m y   g o o d n e s s…….we were on “trails” that I didn’t even think were recognizable.  Places I didn’t think a truck would get through….we went through.  Bumpiest ride I’ve ever been on, ha!  Fun Fact:  Turns out portions of it were part of the Orgen Trail. 
3- Love the picture of them sitting on the stumps.  That’s their spot where they watch the sunset :-)


I had one other shoot this weekend, but the little guy wasn’t feeling super hot, so we’re going to try again on Thursday- so I’ll post his sneak peek then.  I also had a newborn shoot yesterday, a family shoot today, a newborn shoot tomorrow, followed by 5 other shoots before I leave Kirksville on Saturday morning. 

Luckily- next week I left pretty much completely open for editing and catching up….so cross your fingers that I get it all done :-)


There will be a Guest Blogger on here tomorrow!  Get excited :-) 

I will also be doing a seperate post for my parents Annual Halloween Party, so look for that later this week as well!


  1. Lindsay Free says:

    Cute pics!!!! Love all the fall backgrounds for sure!
    Guest blogger, you say? cannot wait!!! :-)

  2. Leah says:

    The picture of the boy and girl by the fence is fantastic!! That should get an award or something!

  3. Julie says:

    You are so right Lissy…oh my…! What an awesome bunch of pictures! I love Kelsey’s! And you are right again…she is a gorgeous young lady! So happy she is a part of our lives!

  4. Amanda Mcvay says:

    Awesome pictures Lissy! I’m so excited to see the rest of them now. And Joyce loves them too. Can’t wait til #2 gets here so I have another excuse to call on your services. ;)

  5. Kathy says:

    Just one beautiful photo after another – I really need to get fall pictures done!

  6. Natasha says:

    Maria Higgins – Teryn!! Thanks so much for taking such awoemse shots! There are amazing! Thanks for the opportunity to work with you! California ice Queen ( Maria)November 18, 2010 12:28 am

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