{October 2012 kindaaaaa makes me want to cry….sometimes}

Where to even begin????   We’ll start with my most fun news…..I have a new niece!!!!  Yayyyyyy :-)  Her name is Lola Grace and she was born on Saturday afternoon.   Here’s a picture Kaitlin sent me tonight :-)   I can NOT wait to meet this little nugget…..and stick her in buckets and put 15 different bows in her hair!

Lola’s birthday actually made me a little jealous because it was really the 1st time I haven’t had a chance to see the babies relatively soon after they’re born :-(  Since I can make my own schedule and reschedule things, I can usually make it work out to where I’m there either before or right after the baby arrives.   But October 2012 is kicking my butt.   You know my rule of telling people no and not over scheduling myself????  Totally FAILED at that this month.  I wish the Fall Season just about 3 weeks longer and was a bit more predictable….it wouldn’t make it so flipping crazy and stressful!!!!    Every job has it’s stress areas and I would say for photographers….October is a big one :-)  SO…..since I’ve been averaging 10-15 shoots a week this month (plus two weddings), it has left ZERO room for rescheduling or wiggle room.  Oh- I should note here that it is all sorts of awesome when it rains.  That just makes things so much easier when you have to spend an entire day JUST working on rescheduling.   Because it’s not like May, June, July or August….you don’t get MONTHS to reschedule a Fall shoot…you get DAYS.  Because your scheduled is already so packed and then you have to work around 15 other client schedules and well…..sometimes it just leads to drinking :-)   It’s also all sorts of awesome when the radar shows a solid orange/yellow/red mass over your area for the exact time of your shoots and then the hour by hour shows 100% chance of rain so you debate and you spend forever watching the weather and finally decide to postpone the shoots and then……..THEN IT DOESN’T RAIN A DROP and is actually perfect picture weather.   Can you tell this happened to me a couple times???  Hahaha!  Just venting!    That’s what people like about my blog, right??  The honesty??  Well that was a big dose for you :-)

SO ANYWAY- all this means I have to wait until Tuesday evening to meet Miss Lola Grace :-(    I know, cry me a river, right???  Lot’s of aunts don’t get to meet their nieces or nephews until their like months old, right???  Well….I make a point and an EFFORT to make sure that is not the case with me.  But it was unavoidable this time around.  Like I said, October is just eating me alive :-)   LUCKILY- I planned in some travel/see new nieces and nephews time for the 1st 2 weeks of Nov, so I will get that time to chill a bit…which will be so nice .    It’s coming :-)  About 1 more week of craziness and then I’m good for a couple weeks.

Enough complaining about my awesome job, right???    It’s not so much complaining, but more so just trying to give you an idea of the complete madness that is my schedule right now.   As of right now, I basically have no openings until early December.    Over the next week???   18 shoots.  EIGHTEEN.    Why you ask???  Because I feel bad and I understand that people want Fall pictures and I understand what a limited amount of time we have….so you have to cram them all in and then hope they’re just as understanding when it comes to editing time :-)   ha!

So honestly- all I’ve been doing is taking pictures and editing.   Here’s 5 billion pictures to show it :-)

P.S.- Lola Grace’s shoot with be happening a week from today….so get ready for a FLOOD of baby girl pictures.   Out of my 14 nieces and nephews, we have NINE boys…..and we (the girls in the family) were BEYOND excited when we heard Kaitlin & Zane were having a girl.   Like it’s borderline ridiculous.   I think she already has 5 pairs of “boots”  :-)   LOVE LOVE LOVE our boys (who are so flipping funny, btw), but we have extreme urges to cover babies in bows and you just can do that with boys :-)



































































































































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