{New sneak peek pictures, old sneak peek pictures and even older sneak peek pictures}

I miss my blog :-(   It’s not like I don’t want to blog, it just feels so daunting at times.  I need to go back to just blogging for the fun of it.   I lead a pretty funny/entertaining life and have a lot of “this would only happen to me” moments…..and need to start sharing those again….but then I run into nights like these when I have a gazillion sneak peeks to post here and by the time it all get’s entered into a post and everything ready to go, I’m spent and ready for bed.

I would love to blog about all the funny quotes my nieces & nephews say, I would like to post stories from all my traveling adventures (not glamorous international traveling people….we’re talking Midwest travel), I would like to post my little rants every now and then.  Just the little rants that kinda make you laugh.  Like, for example, why Cracker Barrel never brings out the freaking grape jelly and you always have to ask for it.  The only reason I’m thinking about this is because I met a friend there for dinner the other night on my way back to Kirksville and we both agreed, no grape jelly on the table = super annoying.   Why on earth would we pick Cracker Barrel you ask??  Because it’s awesome and that was a stupid hypothetical question :-)  Moving forward….I would like to post more about my family and all the fun moments and news we have.  Did I even mention on here that I’ll be getting 2 new nephews and a new niece in early November???  You already know that if you’re friends with me on facebook, but I don’t know if I ever posted anything on here and that just makes me kinda sad :-(    Have I told you that we’re attempting to do a big family picture over Labor Day weekend and I’m literally getting more gray hair just from thinking about it.   Did I show you pictures from my wonderful trip to New York??  Did I tell you I went to Dallas last week to hang out with the Bobziens??   Did I tell you about the time a couple weeks ago when we found Briley pinning Carson to the ground (while he was wearing a Batman cape) and telling him, “you’re not Batman!  I’m Batman and you’re Robin!”  all while Carson is kicking and yelling, “she’s hurting me, she’s hurting me!”   It was totally one of those moments where you had to be there to hear the tone of Carson’s voice and the shear determination of Briley.   Did I tell you the Brady’s new thing is to wear the Mr. Potato Head hat and Mr. Potato Head glasses and be dead serious about it??  It’s the funniest thing ever :-)    Did I share Miles & Bennett’s 6 month pictures on here??  Did I tell you  that they’re 8 months old already??   Did I ever tell you about the strangers I ended up picking while I was at a UPS facility and driving to Union Station….in a torrential downpour??  Have I told you how hysterical Owen is right now??

I just need to start blogging my little stories again :-)

But before I do that, I have lots of sneak peeks for you!  Some have already been on facebook, but haven’t made it to the blog yet.  Some haven’t made it to either yet and are brand new!  So here’s to catching up :-)   *clink*   Get ready for a boat load of pictures.  Seriously,  a ridiculous amount.   And I just realized that the older ones are entering into the post TOTALLY out of order, but I think I’m the only one that gets annoyed by that :-)


First up is my cousin Maddi and her gorgeous senior pictures!







LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the railraod track ones :-)







 Does anyone else not LOVE the fact that their all stepping with the same foot at the same time???  They’re so cute :-)


 Campbell wasn’t sure about me at first, but once I let him throw stuff and run and jump…he decided I was worthy of a smile :-)


 Roesmarie’s back and she brought her shades!  :-)




 After Rosemarie’s shoot, we walked over to the cars and I noticed something sticking up in the back of their truck.   I asked what it was and nothing could have prepared me for how great it was :-)   So Rosemarie’s dad does a bit of AutoBody work and apparently could not bring himself to let little Rosemarie cruise around in just any old wagon.  So he did this to her wagon.  Is that not the most awesome wagon you’ve ever seen???  Actually- forget that, is that not one of the sweetest daddy/daughter things you’ve ever seen??  It totally melted my heart and it’s totally their style.  I could NOT get over it, it was too precious :-)    P.S.- sorry if this makes you feel like a slacker dad , ha!


  I joked that she was a little princess and they were like, “you need to go around and look at the license plate.”  HA!   By the way, those tail lights flash.  

He made the cushions too.  N o t   e v e n   j o k i n g. 

That butterfly that Rosemarie is holding in the picture below…yeah, he cut those out of fabric, stitched them together and stuffed them.  DAD OF THE YEAR!!!!!



 Mr. Will was still pretty uninterested in smiling for me, but we did manage a few :-)

 Emily & her sister were working SO hard to get smiles out of Will.  Doing anything and everything.  I can’t remember what technique we were using at this point, but whatever it was…it worked out beautifully :-)


 Ugh, I just love these little girls to pieces :-)

 Elise finally likes me!

 I know Maria is going to LOVE the one the left :-)




 This next one CRACKS me up!  The oldest kinda has a little bit of a smile….kind of excited to be a big sister again….kind of excited to have a baby around again.   And then you see the younger one on the right who is kind of a little bit like, “this is total crap!  I’m getting my baby status taken away from me.”  By the way, she was just being silly.  They’re both super excited :-)



 Is Anja not the cutest pregnant girl ever????  She does NOT agree, but I think the pictures say it all :-)








She did SO well (as usual, Brynley’s always happy, ha!) up until the birthday outfit.  I should have known I was in for it the moment she shot me that look you see in the left picture.  It’s kinda like a, “if you think I’m doing this, you’re crazy!”  look.  She actually has a bit of a virus, so the fact that she made it to her 4th outfit was impressive alone.  If I were her, I would have been super cranky!


 Potential to be super cute, right??  The bow, the backdrop, the sparkles, the PERFECT pink cupcakes, the bib, etc.  All too cute and too perfect……..

 FAIL!  She was so done and so not feeling good and so over the super cute pink cupcake :-)

After Brynley decided she was NOT having with the cake smash, we decided to call it quits.  I was kinda bummed that I didn’t get any real smiley ones with the super cute ribbon backdrop….but then I remembered a little girl was coming over for dinner and I knew she would LOVE the new backdrop.   And I was correct.  She walked into the house and immediately stopped, looked at the backdrop with wide eyes, raced down stairs and got that lovely little dress from the dress-up bin, came running back up stairs and BEGGED me to take some pictures :-)   Oh Ellie Belly, I just love you!    BTW- I’m doing pictures for Brynley’s brother tomorrow, so Amanda is going to bring Brynley along in her outfit again and we’re going to give it another shot tomorrow and hopefully get some smiles :-)



 Kinsley and her perfect little 1-month old self let me put her in a basket :-)

 I LOVE this picture below!





 And here are all the older sneak peeks that have been put on facebook, but not the blog….so consider them blogged :-)
















































































































Holy crap I can’t believe I got that done.  Go me :-)  Now on to you New York!

Actually, scratch that.  I’m going to do a New York, Cardinals game, Zoo/Magic House, Dallas and other ramblings post tomorrow.  At least we are caught up now!    Well, caught up until I do my 2 shoots tomorrow, 2 shoots on Saturday, 2 shoots on Sunday and 2 shoots on Monday.   Love my job :-)


  1. Sara S. says:

    I’m exhausted! I think I need a nap now! Just kidding but I’m sure you do! Loved seeing lots of beautiful familiar smiles and many new ones! I love watching your business grow and prosper Lissy! You truly are amazing!

  2. Allison says:

    Yay Lissy! I imagine it can be a daunting task to get a big blog post done, especially one this big. That is a lot of editing to get done. And I always love to hear your stories. Even if I was there, you have a great way of telling them. So many awesome pictures!

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