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Oh man- it’s finally ready!  Jonathan & Nicole got hitched on a GORGEOUS day in Columbia a little over a week ago.  Seeing as how I had photographed the wedding of one of the groomsmen last summer and had pretty much the same exact line up of groomsmen for this wedding, I knew it was going to be a fun one :-)  These groomsmen have got to be my favorite group of groomsmen to work with.  I always end up with the funniest pictures of them and I love it! 

The Club at Old Hawthorn is where the wedding and reception was held and…………..OH MY GOODNESS………..GORGEOUS!!!!   Big windows, TONS of natural light, staircases, balconies,  lots of Victorian furniture that was going to be awesome for pictures,etc.  I was SO excited to get all sorts of pictures, but first we hopped on The Zou Bus and ran around Columbia for some more “Columbia” themed pictures :-)   After an afternoon of pictures around town, some dancing on the bus and some very entertaining photo opts,  we headed back to the country club.  Everyone ended up being pretty tired after we did those pictures, so they took a break, but by the time everyone was ready to go again, it was almost time for the wedding, so we weren’t able to get all the pictures I had dreamed about for country club.  

So even though we weren’t able to get all typical wedding pictures that I would normally get….we got pictures that are very “Jonathan & Nicole” like :-)

But before we get to those- I’ll show you some pictures from Friday night.  Nicole & Jonathan wanted their marriage to be recognized by the Catholic church- so they opted to get married on Friday night (some of my siblings have done this as well) and do their wedding out at Old Hawthorne on Saturday.  So Nicole hired me to come down for Friday & Saturday to get pictures of their catholic ceremony and the little shindig they had at Shakespeare’s Pizza after the ceremony.


And then came the big day………………………………  :-)


Kaitlyn (Nicoles daughter) was totally relaxed the whole day. I caught her reading a book and skipping down the hallway :-)


The following are rounds of pictures of Jonathan & his groomsmen that display why I find them absolutely hysterical.

So then it was time to do the “first look” pictures.  While we were checking light and seeing where we wanted Nicole to come out and where we wanted Jonathan to stand, I had Ryan pretend to be Nicole so I could test out everything.  Turns out that was pretty funny :-)

Here is how the real deal went :-)

After that, it was time to finish getting ready and get on the Zou Bus!!!!!

We made it to the football field….but the person who had the keys wasn’t there yet….so we took advantage of the free time and took some pictures :-)

No worries- I told the boys to stop holding hands :-)

back to the bus we went……..

Then we made it to The Columns

take one

take two....much better :-)

After the columns we went to a few different spots and then ended at Quintons so that we could get a rooftop picture :-)

This was staged, but still funny :-)


I made them stop at this green wall on the bottom floor and I’m SO happy I did :-)

back to the bus…………

Once we made it back to Old Hawthorn and everyone had a chance to rest up, I had a VERY small amount of time to get some pictures on the golf course.  So we hopped on golf carts

and went off to get some pictures of these pretty girls :-)

and these two love birds :-)

Then we raced back to the club house so that we could get back in time for the wedding.  Turns out the sunlight was EXACTLY at eye level with most of the groomsmen.  They spent much of the ceremony either closing their eyes or trying to hide in one another’s shadows, hahahah!  

He seriously read his vows off his cell phone

I think the next picture should be their family Christmas Card picture for this year :-)

Then came my favorite part of the night!  The lanterns :-)


BAM!  Done right on time, it’s my bed time….or at least what seems to be my bedtime lately.   I have GOT to stop this 2:00 AM thing I’ve got going on :-)


  1. Allison Tonsing says:

    Beautiful pics Lis!! My favorite is of Jonathan reading his vows off his cell phone – hilarious!! I made me laugh out loud and remember how funny he was even in high school :)

  2. Beth Lonberger says:

    What great pictures! You certainly captured the mood of the weekend. So much fun and laughter. Thank you so much.

  3. Kay Shelby says:

    Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Thank you so much for being part of their special moments.

  4. Barb says:

    Best grooms cake ever! Tastes like chicken!

  5. you have done a great job.thankyou so much. i needed to see them today i’m lifted for the rest of the day…….dan/dad

  6. D $$ says:

    Great photos!! You really captured everyone’s personality. I will officially be a regular to your site!

  7. Sara S. says:

    Lissy – these are amazing!!!! I love that you were able to capture so much of the day and it looks beautiful! Amazing weather, foilage, and a beautiful couple! They look like they had lots of fun and enjoyed their day! And all I can say is WOW!!! They are really neat! All of them!

  8. tiff a. says:

    that’s the best groomscake i have ever seen!

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