{Mike & Lyndsay DeGraaf}

It’s finally ready, it’s finally ready!  I don’t know this for a fact, but I do believe Lyndsay probably stalked my blog all day……..just a guess :-)

This past Saturday worked out perfectly.  It rained all morning, then stopped raining, then stayed cloudy so that we didn’t have to worry too much about lighting.  It made me a happy girl- but I think it made Lyndsay a nervous wreck!  I know my brides want to punch me in the face every time I tell them, “rain on your wedding day is good luck!”…but it is!   My thought is that the day is going to happen no matter what, rain or shine, so why not just sit back and enjoy it and take the rain as a blessing :-)   That is exactly what Mike & Lyndsay did.  

I just love them!  They’re so cute together, so funny ( I was seriously on the verge of tears during the pictures of just the two of them, flippin’ hysterical!)  and……………my favorite part………….they did NOT smash cake in each other’s face!!!!   My mom has always said it’s a sign of disrespect when they shove cake in each other’s face and I’ve always agreed.  So I always wait, watch and hope….. Mike & Lyndsay were all cute and sweet.  I was smiling, clapping and saying “yayyy!”  while the groomsmen were standing behind me shouting “booooooooooo!”   I’m not saying it’s a thing that will make or break your marriage.   Don’t over think it :-)

Anyway- Mike and Lyndsay were so laid back in every aspect of the day.  The only time it got tense was when we were trying to finish pictures after the wedding, but everyone was starving and we still had more pictures to do.   Note to future bride & grooms:   Contrary to popular belief, you are allowed to eat on your wedding day.  There is no rule saying you can’t eat throughout the day :-)   I encourage you to eat a normal breakfast and a normal lunch and possibly a snack or two because chances are you might get two bites in at your reception before someone wants to talk to you.  Luckily- we got through most of the pictures, I had to give up on getting a couple of shots I had in mind, but we made it through without anyone in the wedding party trying to kill me :-)  Win, win!

We started our day off at the hair salon with some hairspray, make-up, breakfast, champagne & coffee.  All good things! 

Being a freckled girl myself, I just ADORE Lyndsay’s freckles.  She is seriously one of the most striking girls I’ve ever seen.  So beautiful :-)   Way to rock the freckles, Lyndsay!!! 


Lindsay was my second shooter for the day and she did awesome!!!!  Looking through her images sometimes makes me wish I could be the second shooter and get those moments off to the side.  I LOVE her shots!!!  Make sure to notice the different watermarks and compliment her on her work!  Yayyy Lindsay :-)


I’ve never used fake eye-lashes, but I think I would have to agree that Champagne probably makes it easier :-)

Absolutely GORGEOUS!

 The suspenders proved to be awfully tricky :-)   Teamwork was the key!

Her dad’s speech…..it even made me teary eyed :-) Her dad was so cute with her. He reminded me a lot of my dad

Hope you guys enjoyed your sneak peek!!  You were a blast to work with and Lindsay and I both had a great time :-) 


Since we’re on the subject of weddings……………

guess what came out today……….

BRIDESMAIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YAYYYYYY!

Check it out HERE

So when I went and saw this with Caroline way back when, there were several times during the movie where i felt like i was going to die because I couldn’t breathe.  I couldn’t breathe because I was laughing/crying so hard.  Like to the point I thought I might have to step out and catch my breath :-)   GRANTED- there are some parts that can most definitely be left out, but I still find the movie absolutely hysterical.  

After the movie, Caroline was like, “you and Annie are the same person.  You act the same, you have the same sense of humor, the same luck and your apartments look the same….you don’t have creepy roommates, but you have some creepy people that live in your building.”  

Although I don’t think I’m like exactly Annie, I do have to admit……….the whole scene when she get’s pulled over and starts dancing during her sobriety test….yeah- that’s totally me :-)    The air plane scene….yeah portions of that are very much me as well.   Lastly- I have a STRONG, STRONG dislike girls like Helen.  STRONG.

My mom hasn’t seen it and she wants to watch it at Caroline’s Bachelorette party in about a month……any thoughts??  skip the opening scene??  :-)


  1. tiff says:

    love the brides shoes
    love lindsays pics as well
    i cannot imagine your mom watching that movie!

    • Mom says:

      Well….Tiff, the girls have told me that I will not be allowed to watch the first 10 minutes – (they wish they hadn’t watched the first 10 minutes) but they think I’ll find the rest “halarious”!?!?

  2. Lindsay Free says:

    Lissy- thank you again for allowing me to tinker around behind you! :-) It always makes for an interesting day when we are together…. the picts turned out amazing! LOVE the ones of them with the carriage! and the canoes turned out so perfect!

  3. Kathy says:

    Love it all. Beautiful! What was the location for this wedding – so pretty!

  4. Mom says:

    What a gorgeous wedding and Beautiful Bride!! I honestly believe that you’ve just started to unwrap the gift of talent that God has given you…your attention to the little details is what makes your pictures come to life! The “eyes” when the bride see’s her groom, or the real “smile” that shows up when Dad walks across the floor to dance with his “little girl” – you are a memory keeper.

  5. Lyndsay DeGraaf says:

    Lissy, you are right… I did stalk you, in fact your blog may want a restraining order… :) I know people tell you this ALL the time, but you (and Lindsay) are AMAZING! We had so much fun with the two of you. You really made our special day great (pirate voice)!! I cannot imagine ever having another sole take our pictures for the rest of our lives, so be ready to be booked for baby/family/Christmas pictures until the end of time! Your Mom is right, you are a memory keeper and you are WONDERFUL at it! Thank you so soo much!

    • Lindsay Free says:

      Lyndsay- thank you for the sweet compliments! We had a great time with you as well! :-) thanks for being so laid back! I was just giggling this morning about how the canoes almost collapsed on you and Mike! :-)
      Enjoy your honeymoon!

  6. Sara S. says:

    Your right! Her freckles are awesome and what a sweet wedding. I think someone’s Dad was a little sad to give her away! Both you and Lindsay got some great pictures and caught some very special moments!

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