{Justin & Diana Johnson}

LOVE these wedding pictures.  Such a fun group :-)  Despite the fact that the groom hates pictures (like I honestly think he was in the pain the whole time) and was so eager to get them done and over with….we still managed to make it work.   He was super happy on Saturday, just not super excited for pictures.  He told me it was nothing against me :-) 

Do you not LOVE her shoes?!?!?!?  I thought they were absolutely perfect :-)

Justin & Diana decided to see each other before the wedding so that we would have plenty of time for pictures and not be super rushed.  I don’t ever force my bride & grooms to do this (I like it when you wait until you walk down the aisle), but I’m not going to lie….it does make things/timing a TON easier.  Plus this little moment between just the two of them is alway so sweet :-)

After their “first look” we headed off to random spots in Kirksville to get some pictures in between all the rain showers we had that day.  I told them several times that they got a perfect day :-)  Rain on your wedding day is good luck, but sometimes it can make a real mess of your plans.  Justin & Diana lucked out because it rained randomly throughout the day, but never while we were trying to do pictures outside.  When it wasn’t raining- it was gorgeous!

These next ones CRACK ME UP.  Boys will be boys :-)  Groomsmen are always the best at just being funny for pictures- I love it.   It’s just progressively get’s worse, ha!

The DJ did a fun way of introducing the wedding party.  I’ve never seen it done before and I think it was awesome.  He introduces the Bridesmaids as a group, then he introduces the groomsmen as a group and then he announces the Bride & Groom.  It’s fun because the bridesmaids and groomsmen can get creative :-)

 Just to show you how laid back of a bride Diana was, listen to this.  So my time was up before they even finished dinner.  I asked her if she wanted me to stay, but she felt bad keeping me on my birthday (I told her not to worry about it) and she thought they would be fine because everyone at the reception had cameras :-)    I totally get that- reception pictures are reception pictures and really they all look the same.  Chances are- her friends had a much better chance of getting the really funny ones later in the night.  So even though I didn’t get to take pictures of their first dance or anything- I still think the rest of their wedding day was a blast to photograph! 

Justin & Diana, thanks for being so easy to work with and I hope you enjoyed your sneak peek :-)


  1. Diana says:

    Lissy, I LOVE them!!!! I could look at them a million times! Thank you so much for taking pictures for us. I can’t believe how quickly you were able to get them up. THANK YOU!!!

  2. Sara S. says:

    These are beautiful and I love how casual and relaxed they all are! I also love her shoes and dress!

  3. Tiff says:

    I just met Diana and Justin a few weeks ago at a labor day weekend party – these pics totally fit their personailities – what a fun couple! beautiful wedding :)

  4. Mom says:

    What a gorgeous wedding – great job catching the “moments” Lissy!!

  5. Deana Jaegers says:

    Great job on the pictures Lissy! I love how you caught everyones personalities! Such a beautiful wedding:)

  6. Debi Johnson says:

    Beautiful pics!

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