{Guest Blogger | Lindsay’s First Wedding- Benhoff Wedding!!}

Back in February I helped Lindsay shoot her first wedding!!!! The whole month before (or the whole 4 months before) she was pretty funny …a.k.a stressed :-) You know that nervous, butterflies, not thinking straight nervous feeling about certain things??? Lindsay had it for a good 4 months or so, hahahah! I should have counted how many emails she sent me in the time frame that pertained to the wedding :-) I kept reassuring her (or saying CHILL OUT!) and told her that it would all be fine. It’s not like she was by herself, she had me there. The day (long day) came and went, everything was beautiful, Kim and Ryan (bride & groom) were awesome, Lindsay did AWESOME, the table we were assigned to sit at for dinner thought we were a lesbian couple based off what the seating chart said, the men at the table were slightly sad when the saw that we were the photographers and were not in fact lesbians, I found out some of them actually went to school with my siblings, they all thought my name was Lizzy (ohhhh what’s new) and I didn’t bother correcting them, I left my keys in my purse…in Lindsay’s car….at the church….but my car was at the reception site…locked, Lindsay’s co-worker and her husband took us back to the church so we could get Lindsay’s car and my keys, Lindsay had to drive back down to the hill to get me to my car, all was well :-)

So even though I was there to help Lindsay, I was also a second shooter. SO this means some of these pictures were actually taken by me. All of them were edited by Lindsay. I gave her a lesson in editing after our Spring Shoots and a margarita break….I’m a good instructor after some margaritas, hahaha!. But our editing styles are a little different, so I thought it would be fun to see if you guys could tell which pictures were mine and which pictures were hers. Since they’re all edited by Lindsay, you won’t have the different editing styles to tell a difference. No, it’s not a giveaway challenge!!! It’s just for fun :-)

So without further ado, here is what Lindsay’s has to say about her first wedding!!!!


in february i had the honor of shooting my friend, Kim’s wedding.  Its not often that I have such close personal ties to the weddings i have done, so doing this for kim was fun- but i knew that i wanted to do my best for her and ryan. Kim, I know it has taken me a bit to get these posted… but well worth the wait i think.  may your heart be flooded with fond memories of your day…. and those who shared in the joy with you.

enjoy your sneak peen benhoff’s — it was truly my pleasure to be involved in your special day!

GOOD JOB LINDSAY!!!!!!!!  Give her some commet love :-)


I have another fun blog post coming up tomorrow, with a fun announcement :-)


  1. Erika says:

    Oh Lindsay, it was a pleasure meeting you at the spring mini shoots. Those pics turned out soooo good and you are very lucky to have such a good teacher, so i dont know why you were so worried about shooting this wedding :)

  2. Mom says:

    Job well done girls!! The Bride & Groom should be pleased as punch with their pictures ;-)
    Lissy, I will take a chance and guess at your pictures
    ……Bride & Groom sitting in the pews
    ……Picture from behind of the couple with the sun.
    ……Reception dance with the little boy dancing – you’re a sucker for dancing kids –
    ……The Groom with his buddy’s hand in his face – you love “the fun times” between friends –
    You are so, so good at waiting, watching and then capturing the “moments” – the ones that stir the heart, make people laugh and the ones that save the memory.
    Lindsey, GREAT first wedding – I think it’s time for you to create a blog – you have a gift to share!!

    • Lindsay says:

      Mom, job well done! You guessed them all! We both had shots of them walking away in the sun, and I am not totally sure which ones came from which camera. But the rest are SPOT ON! :-)

  3. Sara S. says:

    These turned out Beautiful!!!!! I love the glow of the setting sun in the outdoor ones especially! I am only going to take one guess – Lissy I think you might have taken the one of the bride and her bridesmaids because they aren’t looking at you and obviously looking at someone else! Really though the bar and dancing ones are very fun, the church kiss is very sweet and all of the outdoor ones are amazing! Way to go Lindsay!

  4. Amanda says:

    Lindsay you did an amazing job on your first wedding!!! Loved the setting sun pics, the little boy’s dance moves and the bride and groom in the pew. Great job girls!!

  5. Allison says:

    Awesome job you guys! Beautiful wedding and beautiful pictures.

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