{Finley Grace Early | August 21, 2013}

My brother Andy and his wife Autumn¬†welcomed my newest niece, Finley Grace to the world on August 21st! I’m super swamped with editing, but I finally caught myself up enough so that I didn’t feel guilty editing lots of pictures of this little tiny peanut :-) Welcome Finely Grace, we’re so excited to have you join our crazy little world!

These pictures were taken throughout the day on the day she was actually born, some in the hospital and the rest are from her newborn shoot.  There are some bloopers in there to make you giggle :-)

Finley Grace-1 Finley Grace-2 Finley Grace-3 Finley Grace-4 Finley Grace-5 Finley Grace-6 Finley Grace-7 Finley Grace-8 Finley Grace-9 Finley Grace-10 Finley Grace-11 Finley Grace-12 Finley Grace-13 Finley Grace-14 Finley Grace-15 Finley Grace-16 Finley Grace-17 Finley Grace-18 Finley Grace-19 Finley Grace-20 Finley Grace-21 Finley Grace-22 Finley Grace-23 Finley Grace-24 Finley Grace-25 Finley Grace-26 Finley Grace-27 Finley Grace-28 Finley Grace-29 Finley Grace-30 Finley Grace-31 Finley Grace-32 Finley Grace-33 Finley Grace-34 Finley Grace-35 Finley Grace-36 Finley Grace-37 Finley Grace-38 Finley Grace-39 Finley Grace-40 Finley Grace-41 Finley Grace-42 Finley Grace-43 Finley Grace-44 Finley Grace-45 Finley Grace-46 Finley Grace-47 Finley Grace-48 Finley Grace-49 Finley Grace-50 Finley Grace-51 Finley Grace-52 Finley Grace-53 Finley Grace-54 Finley Grace-55 Finley Grace-56 Finley Grace-57 Finley Grace-58 Finley Grace-59 Finley Grace-60 Finley Grace-61 Finley Grace-62 Finley Grace-63 Finley Grace-64 Finley Grace-65 Finley Grace-66 Finley Grace-67 Finley Grace-68 Finley Grace-69 Finley Grace-70 Finley Grace-71 Finley Grace-72 Finley Grace-73 Finley Grace-74 Finley Grace-75 Finley Grace-76 Finley Grace-77 Finley Grace-78 Finley Grace-79 Finley Grace-80 Finley Grace-81 Finley Grace-82


  1. Kathy says:

    Sweet is the only word that comes to mind – just perfect!

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