{Eric & Kelly Hill}

I’m back!

Holy smokes that was a crazy holiday break.  I’ll talk more about it later, but for now I have a sneak peek for a very patient Mr. & Mrs. Hill :-)

I LOVED their wedding.  If every wedding I did could be like theirs, I would shoot more weddings.  They were just awesome.  Both families were great, wedding party was great, venues were great and pictures between the ceremony & reception were great.  It was a gloomy & cold day, but you would have never guessed it.  Eric & Kelly were so laid back and just went with the flow throughout the whole day.  There was never any drama (at least while I was around), just lots of smiles, lots of laughing and lots of dancing.  Just the way I like my weddings :-)  Kelly was STUNNING!!!  Lindsay and I kept talking about how striking she was.   We even did some pictures where she purposely  had to make this hideous facial expression….and she still looked adorable, she couldn’t do it.   Thanks for letting us be a part of your big day, we had so much fun!!!  Enjoy your sneak peek :-)

Special BIG thank you to Lindsay for helping me out again at this wedding.  Lindsay always make my job that much more fun :-)   Thanks again Lindsay!!!!!

These two are just to make Eric & Kelly laugh :-)


  1. Denise Hrevus says:

    It was as fun as it looks! Kelly & Eric you two look so good!

  2. Sara S. says:

    This wedding looks way too familiary and I wasn’t even there. Guess it is just St. Simon’s and Windows that makes it seem familiar. Beautiful wedding with a gorgeous couple! I love the one of her leaving her home because it just holds too much meaning and I also love the ones in the old church. Where is that? What a great spot for wedding pictures!!!

  3. Sara S. says:

    I mean “familiar” and it was also nice to see Kim H. or as Bella calls her “Tim the Hair Gurl” in the pics!

  4. Mom says:

    I love wedding pictures from a Happy Wedding, filled with people that love one another….you can almost touch that kind of joy :) Lissy, you captured the moments!! Job well done!!!

  5. Kathy says:

    These are are so meaningful! I especially love the last one where you caught them looking across the room from one another during a dance! They were obviously having a wonderful time and so very happy! Love fun wedding pics!

  6. carol ahillen says:

    Lissy, I love all the pics so far. Can’t wait to see the rest., the wedding was a blast!!, Thanks for everything
    Mrs. AHillen

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