{Do these pictures look like I took them in the rain?? Because I did}

3 out of 8 shoot’s this weekend isn’t half bad for the GROSS weather we had.  Right??  I honestly thought I would have to reschedule them all, so I was just fine with 3 :-)   Granted I was   d i s g u s t i n g   by the end of each shoot, we still got them in.  Not kidding- after my shoot yesterday evening, I met up for a friend’s birthday party and when I got out of my car I noticed I still had slimy moss on my flip flop, my hair was FLAT and my make up was gone….awesome :-) 

Slimy moss, you ask??  You’ll see later.  I found a little creek in Forest Park that I thought it was cute for some engagement pictures.  Turns out I was right!

First up is the Smith Family.  David contacted me about setting up a shoot for his wife for Mother’s Day, awwww!     I know what you’re thinking and the answer is yes!  If any men reading this that got your wife a card at the last-minute??  You should feel a bit like a schmuck :-)   Call me next year!   David wanted to keep the pictures more candid than posed and somewhat like they were just hanging out.    Because I have a sneaking suspicion that they love black & white pictures, I’m doing their sneak peek in black & white :-) 

Enjoy your sneak peek Smith Family!  Thanks for hanging out in the rain with me- I LOVED your porch and the warm fire you had in your outdoor fire-place :-)

How cute/funny are Kyle & Nicholas?? :-)

I LOVED their dog Lucy. She mad me laugh :-) They're trying very hard to train her, ha!

I thought for sure the rest of my shoots would be postponed, but when I called Grace to see if they would like to reschedule, she said she would prefer a nicer day but they didnt’ really have a choice.  They had traveled into town the night before and it was the only weekend they could do before their wedding in July.  So off to Forest Park we went and we just kept telling ourselves it wasn’t spitting rain on us, the wind wasn’t blowing and it didn’t feel like 30 degrees :-)  We weren’t the only one’s out there though- the park was PACKED with weddings.  I think I freaked out Adam & Grace when I drove by the Muny and they saw bus after bus after limo after trolley, all lined up for pictures.  No worries- that was not where we were heading :-)  No, no, no…I don’t do the typical “Muny picture”….I was going for the random patch of tall, yellow, wild flowers on the side of the road just to the left of the Muny.  No need to wait in line :-)  

Then it was time for some funny face pictures.  I feel like they help loosen people up ;-)  I know Grace is going to LOVE this next picture of Adam’s funny face!

Here is where the slimy moss comes into the pictures :-)  But SOOOO well worth it!

Here come some of my favorite engagement pictures of all time!  Think Dirty Dancing :-)

Thanks for braving the elements Adam & Grace!!!  I don’t know about you two, but I actually had fun :-)  It was a memorable experience.  See you guys in July!!!

This morning I ran into the same “we have to do it no matter what” situtation.  Adrienne wanted some pictures of Miss Mackenzie for her 2nd Birthday party in a few weeks and today was really the only day we could both do it.  So again, off we went to the Park in the rain and wind :-)  This time it was Bee Tree Park (LOVE that park) and we didn’t have to battle the wedding parties.  At first, Mackenzie seemed like she would be a tough cookie to crack, but I busted out the Smarties and the rest was history :-)  The poor thing was SHIVERING throughout her shoot but never once complained about being cold.  She laughed every time her mom and dad pretended to throw things at each other :-)   You are adorable Mackenzie, enjoy your sneak peek!!  (EDIT:  actually- for some reason I can only get one of your pictures to post…somethings wrong with wordpress.  I promise I will let you know as soon as I’m able to get the others to show up)

I love her little lips in this one- so cute! :-)LOVE the one on the left!LOVE the one on the left!


So this next week is now full of rescheduled shoots- THANK YOU SUNSHINE and warmer temps :-)  Then it’s off to Kirksville to shoot a wedding this weekend, then back to Kirksville the weekend after that to shoot a wedding, back to St. Louis the weekend after that to shoot a wedding and then……then it’s the Disney World trip…..God only knows what’s going to happen :-)  27 people going to Disney World together??   Crazy amounts of fun, with the potential for some anxiety :-)


  1. sara says:

    love david’s pics. aren’t they a cute family?!

  2. Kathy says:

    These are such a sweet group of pictures – the family is so cute and if you like their dog, it must be something special (ha!). Then Adam and Grace’s engagement pics are really adorable – they look like a fun couple! Can’t wait to see their wedding sneak peeks.
    The last photo is too cute – I’ll bet you’ve got lots of cute pictures of that cutie. What beautiful eyes!

  3. Mom says:

    Love these pictures!! Amazing in fact, given the weather that you had to work with! The family pictures are
    very relaxed – so easy to step into and Adams engagement pictures are great!! The one on the fallen tree is perfect. They look very happy and I can wait to see the wedding photos.

  4. Sara says:

    Love them all! The family ones are so fun and relaxed and your engagement shoot is adorable! Dirty Dancing is always a hit. And I can’t wait to see more of Miss Mackenzie! What a doll with that sweet little face and big eyes!

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