{Kick starting the blog with Disney World and a Wedding!! Woot!}

Kenkel- Shepherd Wedding (1)

Oh man….where to start.  My poor blog, it get’s so neglected these days.  I would have never thought it would get this neglected though :-(    Things are just so stinking busy and it’s hard to keep up on the blog.  It’s a good problem though! I’m trying to think of what all has changed since [&hellip


{Spring Break Camp Aunt Lissy}

Spring Break (1)

I’ve never felt like such a creeper in my life.  This week has been my week of creepin :-)    Sara and Ryan are on a mad dash to find a house because their one in Bentonville already sold.  They’ve found several, but they all go “pending” within like a day of being listed.   So I’ve [&hellip


{Catching up!}

2-25 Sneak Peeks (1)

I just now realized that’s it’s been almost a month since my last blog post…yikes!  February has been pretty busy with travel and family stuff, so I’m going to blame it on that :-)  Actually, I’ve been trying to start this blog post for an hour already and I keep having to jump up and [&hellip


{The start of my addiction to Frozen Caramel}

Jan. 21 Sneak Peeks (1)

Was that not a pretty display of snow today????   Nothing too heavy that accumulated much, just big, giant, fluffy snowflakes.  I had no idea it was even supposed to snow, so it was like Christmas for me when I noticed it :-)   Today also just so happened to be the day I picked to get [&hellip


{Baby Fest 2012}

Baby Fest 2012 (1)

My late October/November was a total rat race.   I was shooting my cousins wedding in Nashville and at almost the exact time the reception started, I got a text that Miss Lola had arrived :-)   I had a week booked SOLID of shoots after that weekend, so I wasn’t able to make it up to [&hellip


{Tyler & Sarah George}

Chrissie (1)

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing Tyler & Sarah’s super cute, super sweet wedding in Kirksville.  We started off with some pictures in my parents living room :-)  This is also where we did their “first look” pictures.   This is also where my dad asked the groom, “so, what time’s the funeral?” [&hellip


{Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!}

New blog Post (51)

 Do you know I meant to do this post in November??  Then I meant to do it again at Christmas.  Then I meant to do it again on New Years. So now I’m finally doing it :-) Where to start, where to start…..well, it was my busiest Fall/Holiday Season I’ve ever had.  I also had [&hellip


{October 2012 kindaaaaa makes me want to cry….sometimes}


Where to even begin????   We’ll start with my most fun news…..I have a new niece!!!!  Yayyyyyy :-)  Her name is Lola Grace and she was born on Saturday afternoon.   Here’s a picture Kaitlin sent me tonight :-)   I can NOT wait to meet this little nugget…..and stick her in buckets and put 15 different [&hellip


{I know it’s coming and I know I’m not going to be ready}

10.4 Sneak peeks (60)

Ok- so…..both Kaitlin & Amanda are due or scheduled to be induced in less than a month.  People, for me…..weeks go by like days.  3 weeks can go by and it will only feel like 2 days to me.   So yeah, Nov. 1st (Kaitlin’s due date) is a little over 3 weeks away, BUT [&hellip


{A bit of catching up}


I’m just going to give you a brief fill-in on life over the past few months.  We’ve had a lot of lazy summer days by the pool.  Brady is always ECSTATIC about the snack selection at grandma & papa’s pool, so you can only imagine his excitement when they busted out the cute little popcorn  [&hellip