{Sneak peeks from the past two weeks….whoa!}

9-14 Blog SP (111)

After my crazy past two weeks, I’m trying desperately to get caught up on editing, emails AND sneak peeks on the blog :-)  They’re on Facebook, just not the blog yet….well I guess until now!   I’ll be back with a  more entertaining post sometime this weekend :-)  But for now…..enjoy my catching up pictures [&hellip


{Weekend of Senior Shoots}

So I back in the Lou after spending about a week in Kirksville doing what felt like a bunch of Senior Shoots.  Out of the 7 shoot’s I did while I was there, 4 of them were Seniors.  I guess it’s that time of year :-)   Speaking of Senior pictures, let’s talk about trends [&hellip


{New sneak peek pictures, old sneak peek pictures and even older sneak peek pictures}

I miss my blog :-(   It’s not like I don’t want to blog, it just feels so daunting at times.  I need to go back to just blogging for the fun of it.   I lead a pretty funny/entertaining life and have a lot of “this would only happen to me” moments…..and need to start sharing [&hellip


{High Risk of Fire- Use Extreme Caution!!}

SP 7 (31)

I swear every single traffic update highway sign thingy in St. Louis say’s that exact phrase.  Or something along those lines.  And I’ve been ALL OVER St. Louis this week with shoots.  This weather is for the birds.   I would like to go back to the days of showering once a day, being able to [&hellip


{Yep….didn’t get caught up before I left}

SP July 21 (33)

Holy crap, I’m tired :-) I’m home from NYC (which was amazing, more to come), finished with shoots for the weekend and will be spending the next two days working like a no other.  I’m going to attempt emails tonight, but to be honest….I’m afraid, ha!   I was going to do a post on my [&hellip


{Just a few clients who braved the heat like rock stars!}

Sneak peek 7 (35)

So much to do, so little time :-)  I’m trying to get caught up on sneak peeks (and everything else) before we leave for NYC on Saturday morning and I’m finding it to be a bit crazy.    I have to mail out like a million CD’s, finish and load 10 galleries (that’s just so I [&hellip


{Just pictures :-)}

SP 6-30 (47)

It’s crazy right now, so the blog is what get’s put to the side.  I’ve been traveling for almost 2 weeks now and things have just been nuts with family in town all last week and this weekend and THE FLIPPING HEAT!!!   You would think I would get more done being stuck inside….but everyone’s [&hellip


{Cutie Patooties}

SP 621 (28)

Oh man, I’ve got a lot of them this go around :-)   When did kids get this cute?!?!?  I KNOW I was not this cute when I was little.   My mom will probably comment differently because it’s her job, but I’m being honest….not that cute ;-) Kobi was an absolute perfect baby last [&hellip


{Big Families are the best}

As much as big family shoots are a challenge, I love doing them.   I love watching the people interact :-)    Seeing who plays what role, watching the grandparents with the grand kids, watching the siblings together (sometimes they have little fights and it makes me laugh, ha!) , trying to figure out what’s [&hellip


{16 sets of sneak peeks….that’s a new record}

Hey there :-) Bet you thought I had given up on the blog, eh?  Absolutely not true, just busy!   Also- just as an FYI, I’m NOT trying to get into the habit of blogging bunches of sneak peeks in one post, it just seems to be the trend with me lately.   A trend that I’m [&hellip