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It’s been one of those weeks… A little over a week ago I headed to KC to visit Andy & Autumn and to help out Caroline & Jared move out of their house.  I didn’t really “help”, but more so just sat there while the movers moved everything and Caroline was at work :-)   [&hellip


{TWO post in one week?!?! }

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh  look who’s doing ANOTHER blog post!!!!   Yep, I’m getting there :-)    A couple weeks ago I had a client say, “I feel sad when I go to your blog now.  I don’t want to sound like a stalker, but I love reading about your life and it makes me happy and I miss it.  [&hellip


{Sick of being sick!}

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You know what would be nice……to not have a sinus infection, the flu, tonsillitis or laryngitis just ONCE this winter.  Just not be sick for like over a week or something.  That would be awesome :-)     I sound like such a grouch!  Here’s some good news, I can now bring my hockey stick and baseball [&hellip


{October 2012 kindaaaaa makes me want to cry….sometimes}


Where to even begin????   We’ll start with my most fun news…..I have a new niece!!!!  Yayyyyyy :-)  Her name is Lola Grace and she was born on Saturday afternoon.   Here’s a picture Kaitlin sent me tonight :-)   I can NOT wait to meet this little nugget…..and stick her in buckets and put 15 different [&hellip


{I know it’s coming and I know I’m not going to be ready}

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Ok- so…..both Kaitlin & Amanda are due or scheduled to be induced in less than a month.  People, for me…..weeks go by like days.  3 weeks can go by and it will only feel like 2 days to me.   So yeah, Nov. 1st (Kaitlin’s due date) is a little over 3 weeks away, BUT [&hellip


{Yep, it’s Fall!}

In order to get at least some  of these sneak peeks up, i’m going to break them up into two days.  So for today, I have shoots from last Monday through Friday for you :-)   I know all my shoots from Saturday to today just let out a big, “booooooo!”   I promise their [&hellip


{Sneak peeks, schedule update and travel update :-) }

My, my, my……it’s been a “do nothing but work” type of week.  Expect for jury duty…I did have to stop working to do that.  But the rest has been spent getting caught up (I feel like I’m always trying to get caught up, ha!) and also getting stuff done around my apartment.   Such as putting [&hellip


{Sneak peeks from the past two weeks….whoa!}

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After my crazy past two weeks, I’m trying desperately to get caught up on editing, emails AND sneak peeks on the blog :-)  They’re on Facebook, just not the blog yet….well I guess until now!   I’ll be back with a  more entertaining post sometime this weekend :-)  But for now…..enjoy my catching up pictures [&hellip


{Weekend of Senior Shoots}

So I back in the Lou after spending about a week in Kirksville doing what felt like a bunch of Senior Shoots.  Out of the 7 shoot’s I did while I was there, 4 of them were Seniors.  I guess it’s that time of year :-)   Speaking of Senior pictures, let’s talk about trends [&hellip


{New sneak peek pictures, old sneak peek pictures and even older sneak peek pictures}

I miss my blog :-(   It’s not like I don’t want to blog, it just feels so daunting at times.  I need to go back to just blogging for the fun of it.   I lead a pretty funny/entertaining life and have a lot of “this would only happen to me” moments…..and need to start sharing [&hellip