{I decided to give a Mac Book Pro a whirl}

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It’s been one of those weeks… A little over a week ago I headed to KC to visit Andy & Autumn and to help out Caroline & Jared move out of their house.  I didn’t really “help”, but more so just sat there while the movers moved everything and Caroline was at work :-)   [&hellip


{TWO post in one week?!?! }

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh  look who’s doing ANOTHER blog post!!!!   Yep, I’m getting there :-)    A couple weeks ago I had a client say, “I feel sad when I go to your blog now.  I don’t want to sound like a stalker, but I love reading about your life and it makes me happy and I miss it.  [&hellip


{Brynley & Benson}

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There are million and one things I enjoy about being “home”, but watching The Bachelor is not one of them.   Ugh!  I really really really dislike the show, The Bachelor.   It just annoys me to no end.  The guy always annoys me, the girls always annoy me, everything about it annoys me and it practically [&hellip


{Sick of being sick!}

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You know what would be nice……to not have a sinus infection, the flu, tonsillitis or laryngitis just ONCE this winter.  Just not be sick for like over a week or something.  That would be awesome :-)     I sound like such a grouch!  Here’s some good news, I can now bring my hockey stick and baseball [&hellip


{Catching up!}

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I just now realized that’s it’s been almost a month since my last blog post…yikes!  February has been pretty busy with travel and family stuff, so I’m going to blame it on that :-)  Actually, I’ve been trying to start this blog post for an hour already and I keep having to jump up and [&hellip


{The flu and Tonsillitis are not a good combination}

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Keeping this one ridiculously quick because I’m not feeling the greatest.  Like a   -I’m going to bed at 8:00-  type of not feeling good.   I was in KV for a few days last weekend and I had planned on doing two shoots, but one got rescheduled.   Plus my parents were in Dallas all last weekend, [&hellip


{The start of my addiction to Frozen Caramel}

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Was that not a pretty display of snow today????   Nothing too heavy that accumulated much, just big, giant, fluffy snowflakes.  I had no idea it was even supposed to snow, so it was like Christmas for me when I noticed it :-)   Today also just so happened to be the day I picked to get [&hellip


{Ben & Emma}

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I’m LOVING January.   Loving it :-)  This January is a little different than my other January’s  because I am doing a few shoots here and there  and I’m actually in  St. Louis .  Other January’s I’ve been in Kirksville or still doing shoots to the fullest amount.  So….yes, I’m enjoying THIS January :-)   I get [&hellip


{Baby girls!}

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First off….I just have to share my new favorite quote.  As spoken by my pregnant friend at dinner tonight. Lissy:  So are you having any weird cravings??   Jill:  You know, not really…….it’s just that…….well……         I used to love everything grilled.  Grilled chicken and stuff.           But………..everything just sounds [&hellip


{Baby Fest 2012}

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My late October/November was a total rat race.   I was shooting my cousins wedding in Nashville and at almost the exact time the reception started, I got a text that Miss Lola had arrived :-)   I had a week booked SOLID of shoots after that weekend, so I wasn’t able to make it up to [&hellip