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There are million and one things I enjoy about being “home”, but watching The Bachelor is not one of them.   Ugh!  I really really really dislike the show, The Bachelor.   It just annoys me to no end.  The guy always annoys me, the girls always annoy me, everything about it annoys me and it practically kills me to watch it.  I think my mom was ready to punch me during the finale last night.  We were feeding Preston & Grayson, so I was stuck in there with her while she was watching it and it was just a continuous stream of me saying things like, “I don’t know what these people expect.  These girls act so ridiculously fake!   Everything is so staged.  That’s dumb.”   My mom claims that this one isn’t the same as other seasons because…

Mom:   “this guy is a good guy!”

Lissy:  “oh, so he doesn’t sit there and make out with 15 different girls?”

Mom: “well he does kiss some girls, but I haven’t seen him in a hot tub with them!”

Well if that’s a good guy according to my mom’s standards, maybe I’ve got things all wrong :-)   So last night I suffered through The Bachelor and then suffered through working on my computer.  It was acting funny last night so unfortunately I couldn’t get this blog post up until now.  But better late than never :-)  Here are two of my favorite people!  Although, I’ll admit I don’t think I’m a favorite of Brynley just yet, but we’ll get there :-)

Sneak Peek 3-11 (1)

Sneak Peek 3-11 (2)

Sneak Peek 3-11 (3)

Sneak Peek 3-11 (4)

Sneak Peek 3-11 (5)

Sneak Peek 3-11 (6)

Sneak Peek 3-11 (7)

Sneak Peek 3-11 (8)

Sneak Peek 3-11 (9)

Sneak Peek 3-11 (10)

Sneak Peek 3-11 (11)



I’m back in Kirksville right now, hanging out with the Bobzien’s while they’re in town from Dallas :-)  I actually haven’t really taken any fun pictures, so I need to start doing that before I do a blog post.  I find myself not bringing my camera out the more and more with the more kids we get.  I used to carry it will me all the time when it was like 8 or 10 grandkids, but now that we’re almost to 17…..I hide it!   You have the older ones that know not to touch it, but then you also have those crazy 2-4 year olds that think their mission in life is to destroy everything….those are the ones that scare me into hiding it :-)   Speaking of kids, I’m at home with Preston & Grayson right now while the rest of them went to Columbia for the day and Preston is currently begging to be picked up from his nap….so off I go :-)   I’ll try and take more pictures so I can do a fun post!

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