{Ben & Emma}

I’m LOVING January.   Loving it :-)  This January is a little different than my other January’s  because I am doing a few shoots here and there  and I’m actually in  St. Louis .  Other January’s I’ve been in Kirksville or still doing shoots to the fullest amount.  So….yes, I’m enjoying THIS January :-)   I get to hang out, work on stuff without rush, meet up with friends, make my apartment cute, etc.   After the pure craziness that was 2012, I’m super excited about 2013.   Who am I kidding????  I think craziness will always be a part of my life.  Maybe that’s why I really do savor my quite times so much??

Whatever.  Craziness or not, I love it all :-)

So yesterday I got to hang out with Ben & Emma.  They were born on Dec. 13th, but just so happened to be 8 weeks early.  So they had to hang out with the  NICU for a bit before they met me .  They busted out of there a week or so ago and finally (after some flu scares and whatnot) got to hang out with me  after they were about a month old.   I always wonder ( I don’t want to say “stress” because it’s not exactly stress, more curiosity because how can something be stress when it’s out of your control??)  how preemie babies will do during their shoots.  I always try and have multiple options during newborn shoots and be super flexible  because it’s a newborn and you just never know exactly what they’ll do, but with month old babies….it’s a bit more like “ummmmmmm….we’ll see what they let us get away with!”    So yes, not necessarily stress, but more so like “well, here’s what I have, here are my tricks, here’s what we can do and let’s just see how it goes and will adjust as we go along.”    I’ve learned not to get my  heart set on certain “looks” or “set-ups” that I have dreamed up in my head because when things don’t go as planed, it goes a lot smoother if you’re okay with modifying and adjusting .  Funny how that’s a lot like “life”  ;-)

ANYWAY- Ben and Emma were a complete BREEZE.   There were a few things they wanted nothing to do with, but for the most part….awesome.  I absolutely loved their little personalities.   It was so funny, because  if I was trying to get Ben to put his head a certain way or put his hands a certain way,  I would do like I normally do and keep my hands on him until he calmed down and then slowly I would take finger by finger off, one by one and no matter how slowly I did it or how quite I was……as soon as I would attempt to finally adjust him when he was good and passed out……he would totally start doing baby growls at me :-)   I kept laughing, which would wake him up even more.  But overall, Ben & Emma were a dream!   Such sweet, sweet babies :-)

Ben & Emma (15)

Ben & Emma (14)

Ben & Emma (13)

Ben & Emma (12)

Ben & Emma (11)

Ben & Emma (10)

Ben & Emma (9)

Ben & Emma (8)

Ben & Emma (7)

Ben & Emma (6)

Ben & Emma (5)

Ben & Emma (4)

Ben & Emma (3)

I just have to include this next one.  These two made me laugh :-)   Anytime I had them in position where their arms and legs weren’t pushed down by something or when they weren’t swaddled in something, more often than not, when I would  click my camera, their arms and legs would go flying everywhere, ha!  I even had my camera on silent shoot mode.  So I joked that this one looked like I told them to strike their own pose :-)

Ben & Emma (2)

Ben & Emma (1)


I’ll be back either this weekend or Monday with a fun, personal post!  I also have another newborn shoot on Saturday , so be on the look out for that!!   Have a good Friday :-)


  1. Kathy says:

    These are too precious for words – and that last one holding hands just melts my heart! Super job, Lissy!

  2. Lee says:

    They are precious, both the babies and the pictures! I love the one in the “hammock” where there is a little foot sticking up. :)

  3. Mom says:

    Love these little ones ~ the toes and especially when they’re all snuggled in together ~ too, too sweet. And the new “About Me”…..is really “you” ~ perfect!

  4. Heather says:

    OMG…that last picture…I am dying.

  5. Carol says:

    Wow these pic are precious, so cute and they like to snuggle so close, Great pictures, love Bens hair

  6. Allison says:

    Oh what precious pictures. So, so sweet. The last one is like he is her protector :-)

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