{Baby Fest 2012}

My late October/November was a total rat race.   I was shooting my cousins wedding in Nashville and at almost the exact time the reception started, I got a text that Miss Lola had arrived :-)   I had a week booked SOLID of shoots after that weekend, so I wasn’t able to make it up to Ankeny to meet Miss Lola till she was almost 2 weeks old.    I actually went up the night before Halloween and since Des Moines (Ankeny is pretty much Des Moines) does their trick or treating the night before Halloween, I got to pull into the driveway and see this cute little lion on the front porch :-)

Baby Fest 2012 (79)

When I go to any of my siblings houses, my favorite part is right when I get there.  Right when I get to see their faces when they see me.  Makes me the happiest aunt in the world :-)   Owen was so funny.  He got a big smile on his face, ran and grabbed his bag of blocks, drug them across the living room floor, dumped them all out and looked at me with a big smile :-)

Baby Fest 2012 (81)

 Seriously- is he not the cutest lion you’ve ever seen?!?!?

Baby Fest 2012 (80)

Well Miss Lola was excellent for her shoot(s) and put up with me messing with her for about 5 days or so.   She’s a lot like her brother and loves to sleep.  She looks like her daddy.  She’s going to be spoiled rotten by her aunts in the clothing department.  I like to think she’s chunky, but it turns out she isn’t at all.  I think we just see her as chunky compared to Preston & Grayson???  Poor girl is in the 40th percentile for her weight and we think she’s gigantic, ha!

Baby Fest 2012 (77)

Baby Fest 2012 (76)

Baby Fest 2012 (75)

Baby Fest 2012 (74)

Baby Fest 2012 (72)

Baby Fest 2012 (73)

So we took a break and decided to do the rest of the pictures throughout the other days while I was there.  I SO LOVED my time up in Iowa.  I love hanging out with each of them and watching them in their own elements…..and watching Owen in his element is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.   Seriously- this kid is like a 30-year-old-stay-at-home -son trapped in a baby boy’s body.    Owen’s general P.J. or lounge around the house outfit is a white t-shirt, grey sweat pants (like actual sweat pants, not baby sweat pants) and white tube socks.   Can you get anymore stereotypical?!?!  I loved it :-)   What added to the awesomeness was the amount of stains he would collect on his shirt throughout the day.   Also the way he would grunt at his mom like a caveman for more snacks.   He also LOVES Lola’s swing.  Loved it before she even arrived.  He thinks it’s his.  He comes downstairs,  turns on the vibration for the seat, climbs in it and straps himself in.  Then just sits there until he’s ready to move on.   Really, he just needs a camera to follow him around for the day so that you can really just watch him.   He’s hysterical.  You can kinda see his little outfit in this next picture.  I should also point out that the caterpillar is birthday present that Aunt molly got him from the Dollar Store…..and he LOVES it.  Apparently it’s his favorite :-)  See…..more proof that they don’t need the latest/greatest most expensive of gifts !

Baby Fest 2012 (71)

I love this one of him!  I found his Mickey and snuck it into the room he was playing in.  I love that he’s not in focus, but you can still tell how happy he is :-)

Baby Fest 2012 (70)

I got this shot one morning and LOVED it.  Loved it so much that we had it made in to a 16×20 wrapped canvas for Kaitlin for Christmas.  SO CUTE!!!

Baby Fest 2012 (22)

I also can’t resist showing everyone this one.  Kaitlin texted this to me the other night with a caption that said, “oh it’s so hard to chose a bedtime snack!”   After seeing this picture, you can’t tell me you don’t want hang out with this kid??

 Baby Fest 2012 (70)a

The next day, Kaitlin, Zane & Owen all went on a tour of Owen’s new “daycare/preschool” and while they were gone I did the last of Lola’s pictures.   Pictures went well on our end, but from what I hear…..Owen may or may not have climbed up on the table while the kids were eating snack on their tour.  :-)

Baby Fest 2012 (69)

Baby Fest 2012 (68)

Baby Fest 2012 (67)

Baby Fest 2012 (66)

Baby Fest 2012 (65)

Baby Fest 2012 (64)

Baby Fest 2012 (63)

One evening we decided to do some family pictures.   In order to get pictures of Lola and Owen together, I decided to put Smarties on Lola.  Not joking.  Owen just kinda stared at her like, “seriously, she really comes with Smarties???”

Baby Fest 2012 (62)

Then he decided, “mehh….maybe I’ll just check it out real quick”

Baby Fest 2012 (61)

Then we was like, “holy crap, they weren’t lying.  This baby really has Smarties in her ears!!  Score!!!!”

Baby Fest 2012 (60)

Baby Fest 2012 (59)

Baby Fest 2012 (58)

 The morning I left we grabbed some quick pictures of Lola up in her nursery :-)

Baby Fest 2012 (56)

Baby Fest 2012 (55)

Baby Fest 2012 (54)

 This is where we put  Owen in order to get it accomplished.

Baby Fest 2012 (53)

Baby Fest 2012 (52)

 So after my visit to Iowa, I ran back to Kirksville for a few days at it was SOLID work days.  My mom and I made a pact to only talk to each other in little bits, because we both had TONS to get done and once we start talking, we typically don’t stop for awhile.   We were successful :-)

Then I started my trek down to Dallas with a quick stop in Bentonville.   Once I made it down to Dallas, I totally took over their entry way/Dining room.  Seriously, newborn shoot crap EVERYWHERE.   Stacks of blankets, my giant studio light, my posing puck (bean bag), diaper covers, wraps, buckets, beds, everything. .  You name it and I probably had it crammed into that entryway.   I think their neighbors were like, “what in the……”    BUT it worked out really well and we were able to get all their pictures done in the week I was there.

Baby Fest 2012 (51)

Baby Fest 2012 (50)

Baby Fest 2012 (49)

Baby Fest 2012 (48)

Baby Fest 2012 (47)

Baby Fest 2012 (46)

Baby Fest 2012 (45)

One night, Carson had set up a bunch of “booby traps” made out of pipe cleaners.  He wanted to see if he could catch anything.  So before I went to bed, I decided to set up his stuffed animals…. He was pretty funny the next morning :-)

Baby Fest 2012 (43)

Baby Fest 2012 (42)

Baby Fest 2012 (41)

 So Preston is a little a lot like his daddy :-)   See how they both have their arms up??

Baby Fest 2012 (44)

 Everyone’s always asking Amanda how she does it, how does she get anything done, etc…..well……here’s how :-)

Baby Fest 2012 (40)

Baby Fest 2012 (39)

Baby Fest 2012 (38)

I’ve decided to show you a video that I took on my cell phone while I was there.  Seriously, this video is what it would be like if monkey’s were raising these babies!  Couple things to note, 1- Carson keeps hitting himself because he thinks it’s funny and definitely want’s some attention :-)  2- Carolina looks like a stressed out and tired mom 3- Please notice when Carolina takes the bottle out of the babies mouth, shakes it and put’s it back in without a care in the world.  4- the faces she makes are absolutely hysterical 5- Colton might really be a monkey.


Bobzien Monkeys from Lissy Early on Vimeo.

At some point, we did some family pictures on the front porch.  They actually turned out pretty good, but if their neighbors hadn’t shown up……whole  thing would have been an absolute disaster :-)  We were even able to get a good picture with Todd’s parents (Don & Joy) in it.   I love the way they turned out!

Baby Fest 2012 (37)

Baby Fest 2012 (36)

 Then I finished up the rest of Preston & Grayson’s pictures.    Such good little boys :-)  You might recognize this first one…..maybe from Miles & Bennett’s newborn shoot???  :-)

Baby Fest 2012 (35)

Baby Fest 2012 (34)

Baby Fest 2012 (33)

Baby Fest 2012 (32)

Baby Fest 2012 (31)

Baby Fest 2012 (30)

Baby Fest 2012 (29)

Baby Fest 2012 (28)

Baby Fest 2012 (27)

Baby Fest 2012 (26)

Baby Fest 2012 (25)

Baby Fest 2012 (24)

Baby Fest 2012 (17)

Baby Fest 2012 (18)

Baby Fest 2012 (19)

With all of Amanda & Todd’s babies, we’ve always taken a picture with Angela’s softball.  Angela is Todd’s sister who passed away of luekima when Todd was in college :-(  But him and Amanda do a great job of keeping her memory alive in their family and making sure the kids know who she is and what she was like.  I Love that :-)

Baby Fest 2012 (15)

 After that, we attempted some shots of just the kiddos up on Carolina’s bed.  This ended up being the keeper picture, but we also got some really cute ones of Carolina jumping on the bed and they’re now being made into a series of wrapped canvases for her bedroom :-)


Baby Fest 2012 (14)

Baby Fest 2012 (12)

Baby Fest 2012 (11)

Baby Fest 2012 (13)

 Before I left, Amanda had me take some pictures of the kiddo’s in their Halloween outfits.  Colton & Carolina went as Charlie Brown and Lucy…..this had to be one of my favorite shoots with them :-)

Baby Fest 2012 (10)

Baby Fest 2012 (9)

Baby Fest 2012 (8)

Baby Fest 2012 (7)

Baby Fest 2012 (6)

Baby Fest 2012 (5)

Baby Fest 2012 (4)

Carson insisted he was going to be a Cheetah.  Apparently Amanda had a hard time finding a Cheetah that wasn’t a “sexy Cheetah” Halloween costume.  This kid is obsessed with Cheetah’s right now, so he was pretty hardcore about being “in character” during his photo shoot :-)

Baby Fest 2012 (3)

Baby Fest 2012 (2)

Baby Fest 2012 (1)

SO THERE YOU GO!!!!  That was my October and November   :-)  Just typing all that out was enough to do me in for the night.  Just thinking about all of that makes me exhausted , ha!


  1. Allison says:

    That was awesome. You had me laughing again. And I got to see some pictures I hadn’t seen before, especially of Preston and Grayson. Adorable!!! My how they have all grown already. And how sweet are Colton and Carolina as Charlie Brown and Lucy? Love it. The cheetah cracked me up though :-).

  2. Molly says:

    About to pee my pants from Carson’s cheetah photo shoot. That kid, he’s a funny one.

  3. Mom says:

    Love this, Owen, an adorable lion, Lola, a sweet little blessing, Preston & Grayson slipping into the perfect spot God created just for them, the fact that Papa & I were able to go trick or treating with the cutest little Lucy & Charlie Brown EVER and Carson, a swift & fierce cheetah…..without pink bows ;-)

  4. Mindi Patty says:

    Lissy…seriously. You’re newborn shoots are my FAVORITE! Where were you when I was having babies…oh that’s right. Probably still in junior high. ;) I love keeping up with your family through your blog! xoxo

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