{A bit of catching up}

I’m just going to give you a brief fill-in on life over the past few months.  We’ve had a lot of lazy summer days by the pool.  Brady is always ECSTATIC about the snack selection at grandma & papa’s pool, so you can only imagine his excitement when they busted out the cute little popcorn  containers.  He understands grandmas love for cuteness such as those popcorn holders :-)   P.S.- they didn’t last long.  All the water rubbed off all the red lettering and transferred it onto the kids bellies :-)

 Then he got even more excited when he found out he could eat popcorn, in cute containers….with no pants.  Life is good :-) 

Let’s not forget about our fiesty 18 month old!  Owen is the current title holder for Chubbiest Grandchild….and we love it.   I’m just going to have to start filming the kid because he moves to o quickly for pictures.  He’s always moving some part of his body, whether it be his hands, his feet, his arms, his hips, etc.  Something is always moving :-)    When you tell him to “shake it” he twists his hips with one foot popped up on it’s toes.   I may or may not wear out this party trick….I make him do it all the time :-)

So in my eventful summer, I also spent sometime in Bentonville :-)



 Brady loves to hit on the ladies :-) 

 And he loves to give me super cute looks :-)

 So now fast forward to August.  Amanda and the kids came to Kirksville for a week and then headed to St. Louis to hit up the zoo, The Magic House and a Cardinal game all in one day :-)    The Zoo took some easing into.  I guess doing the Elephants first was a bit much???  Carolina thought so :-) 

 ohhhhh life with 3 kids and 2 on the way….in the middle of a midwest heatwave….at a zoo   :-)









 He waved at everyone and told them “hi”  :-)

 Obviously Colton was thrilled when he learned that the Carousel was not actually his and he could not stay on it forever.

 Off to the Magic House!

 I don’t think I would trust these two making me dinner…..

 They thought Papa’s face was pretty funny :-)

 The boys LOVED this car!!  Papa got in on the fun too :-)


Next up was the Baby Hospital!  I asked my dad if this next picture reminded him of the hospital, hahaha!


This is like Carolina’s dream room.  She LOVES to take care of her babies :-)



 Burping her babies like  a good mommy :-)


Why do all kids got NUTS over cash registers??  Look at his intensity!?!?!  I love that Colton has the creamer.  He knows his big brother loves coffee with TONS of creamer :-)




After the Magic House, we made a 2 hour pit stop at my apartment before heading to the game.  I just love this picture :-)

 Miss Carolina didn’t have a cute enough Cardinals shirt, so obviously this dress was the next best thing :-)

As soon as I got them all over in this one spot for a picture, they started playing the National Anthem and this ended up being the only moment I captured, ha!  Carson’s face cracks me up!





 Is this little old lady not the cutest thing ever??  She obviously loves her Cardinals :-)




The following pictures depict the quick avalanche of crying, snot, tears (both laughing and crying tears), nose wiping and exhaustion that we capped off our night with :-)






 Things really started to go down hill when they were all crying at the same time :-)

 Someone got 1st dibs on her mom’s lap and she was just peachy :-)

 This was taken right after we got a home run :-)  Mom was cheering her heart out, Carson attempted to cheer but just couldn’t do it.  Long day+ horrible allergies+ late night= one very miserable little boy :-(    As sad as the whole situation was, we still couldn’t stop laughing.  Horrible, I know.


 Ok- I’m off to bed!  I’ll get to New York eventually :-)


  1. Kristen Kennedy says:

    Oh my word the last picture has senior slide show written all over it. So funny and sad and precious all at the same time!

  2. Sara S. says:

    That made my day! Thanks Lissy! Loved all the smiles, pouts, and chubby little Owen!

  3. Ashley P says:

    One of my friends from high school is in one of you pictures…the one about 4 year-olds and asking questions. Small world!!

  4. Chrissie N. says:

    This post is hilarious! Kids are the best and you guys have some cute ones! Those pictures of Carson and Carolina on the Carousel need to be made into gallery wraps! Also, mark my words; that old lady at the Cards game is going to be me one day! :)

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