{16 sets of sneak peeks….that’s a new record}

Hey there :-)

Bet you thought I had given up on the blog, eh?  Absolutely not true, just busy!   Also- just as an FYI, I’m NOT trying to get into the habit of blogging bunches of sneak peeks in one post, it just seems to be the trend with me lately.   A trend that I’m trying to break.  I actually have 3 more sneak peeks and a wedding sneak peek that could be blogged into this post, but I’m going to save those for over the next few days.  No more 2-3 week breaks in between blog post, I’m losing my audience :-)   Actually- I think posting sneak peeks on Facebook is making me lose my audience.  I’ll just have to get creative to get people back to my blog……………………….if you’re actually reading this, I’ll give you a  clue…..keep reading ;-)

So things have been busy, as is life with any photographer this time of the year (or anytime of the year really).  But I do have to say that it is SOOOOO much better than the CRAZINESS that was last year.  I actually have time to do stuff with friends, to do stuff for myself, to have a lazy day every now and then, TO BE IN ST. LOUIS (huge because I’m so rarely here), etc.  Can you believe that I’m in St. Louis for almost 3 weeks solid?!?!

Some of the sneak peeks have already been posted on Facebook and others have not, so enjoy the fun surprise of seeing the ones you haven’t seen yet :-)































































































































To keep myself in the habit of blogging more, coming up tomorrow night is the wedding sneak peek for Mr. & Mrs. Madsen!  After that will be the other 3 shoots I need to blog and then even more after that…..because it’s a busy weekend :-)  Next week is actually a pretty calm week, so I’m kinda excited to do some personal blog post!  And just to see if anyone is paying attention at this point, if you Subscribe to my blog (by clicking on the {subscribe} button in the upper right corner and entering your information) by tomorrow at midnight, you will be entered to win one of the following prizes   1.) A regular Mini Shoot from me.   2.)This pretty necklace from one of my favorite Etsy shops HERE.   3.)  A $30 Mpix gift card   4.)  Your choice of 5 rolls of Washi Tape (LOVE this stuff!) from THIS cute Etsy Shop.    5.) A 2-hour private Camera class with yours truly :-)   If you’ve gotten this far…..Thanks for reading :-)



  1. Kathy says:

    So many cutie patooties! This was a fun bunch of pictures and I enjoyed them all! Also, I”m very glad to know you’ll be posting more often – I prefer your blog to facebook because there’s no story to go along with the photos…YAY!

  2. Lacey says:

    They are great!!! Can’t wait to see the rest!!!

  3. Brooke says:

    Lissy you never cease to amaze me with your talent!!

  4. Sara S. says:

    I agree with Kathy! So many cute ones! Too many favorites to name but the sandbox one is lots of fun! I have already subscribed but since I’m family I know I’m out of the running!!! Oh well- what I really want is to see my sassy crazy sister! YOU!

  5. Lindsay says:

    subscribed! :-)

  6. Leah says:

    LOVE contests (and the pictures too of course :) ). Subscribed!

  7. Mom says:

    Oh, a contest….makes everyone happy!!! I love the pictures!!!!!!!!!!


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