{I’m still here!}

I got an email over the weekend asking if I was still in business because my last blog post was so long ago, ha!  So I figured I would hop on over here and let everyone know that I’m most definitely in business, but just don’t have time to blog very much….or at all :-)   I keep this blog active though, because I do have hopes that someday I’ll get back to it.   But for now, visit me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/missprissiness or email me at missprissiness@hotmail.com

Thanks everyone!!

{Finley Grace Early | August 21, 2013}

Finley Grace-1

My brother Andy and his wife Autumn welcomed my newest niece, Finley Grace to the world on August 21st! I’m super swamped with editing, but I finally caught myself up enough so that I didn’t feel guilty editing lots of pictures of this little tiny peanut :-) Welcome Finely Grace, we’re so excited to have you [&hellip


{I decided to give a Mac Book Pro a whirl}

B. Weber (1) copy6.17.13 SP

It’s been one of those weeks… A little over a week ago I headed to KC to visit Andy & Autumn and to help out Caroline & Jared move out of their house.  I didn’t really “help”, but more so just sat there while the movers moved everything and Caroline was at work :-)   [&hellip


{TWO post in one week?!?! }

Dateus Fam (1)

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh  look who’s doing ANOTHER blog post!!!!   Yep, I’m getting there :-)    A couple weeks ago I had a client say, “I feel sad when I go to your blog now.  I don’t want to sound like a stalker, but I love reading about your life and it makes me happy and I miss it.  [&hellip


{Kick starting the blog with Disney World and a Wedding!! Woot!}

Kenkel- Shepherd Wedding (1)

Oh man….where to start.  My poor blog, it get’s so neglected these days.  I would have never thought it would get this neglected though :-(    Things are just so stinking busy and it’s hard to keep up on the blog.  It’s a good problem though! I’m trying to think of what all has changed since [&hellip


{I promise I didn’t pray for snow this time!}

3-23 Sneal peeks (1)

Obviously I love my snow storms and get ridiculously exited about any amount of snow, but it’s late March.   I’ve got a taste of a few upper 60 degree days, I’m ready for flip flops and  I’m just ready to get outside for photo shoots….so I stopped praying for snow a few weeks ago. [&hellip


{Spring Break Camp Aunt Lissy}

Spring Break (1)

I’ve never felt like such a creeper in my life.  This week has been my week of creepin :-)    Sara and Ryan are on a mad dash to find a house because their one in Bentonville already sold.  They’ve found several, but they all go “pending” within like a day of being listed.   So I’ve [&hellip